Miniature coiled tubing system

The system, based on miniaturised coiled tubing principals, can be deployed in-situ into risers and flowlines and currently provides the only safe solution to unblock these lines when working from an FPSO

Protective workwear from top to bottom

Paul Grégoire looks at how protective clothing protects workers under severe conditions.

Moving forwards in the platform decommissioning industry

6th Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit takes place March 10-12, 2014, Houston, Texas, USA

Summit to address fast-approaching deepwater challenge

DecomWorld’s 6th Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit, 10-12 March, 2014 in Houston, will provide delegates with in-depth market forecasts and expert-level perspectives to equip them for the imminent challenges

Automation speeds up design of offshore structures

3D models produced with Tekla software used by fabricators in various ways depending on how the fabrication facility is automated

Extending the scope of field services

As the latest project announcements show, field services suppliers have to cover almost every activity, from offshore engineering services to supply, installation and maintenance of equipment. Sean Ottewell reports

Transits and penetrations - not a 'fit and forget' issue

In more ways than one, a ticking time bomb of corrosion is hidden in the transit of pipes through bulkheads, decks and deckheads on offshore facilities. Ian Cordingley reports

Ship capable of lifting the topside structures from offshore platforms

Colfax Fluid Handling to supply hydraulic pumps for world's largest heavy-lifting ship

Novel technologies vie to improve subsea flows

From undersea compression to improved drainage and blockage removal, E and P companies are turning to novel technologies to improve their product returns

Dismantling LNG holders

First LNG demolition project of its kind in Europe and will call upon a number of pioneering techniques

North Sea picks up the pace of performance

Q3 figures reveal continued positive outlook for the UKCS, according to Deloitte survey

Drilling activity up 64 per cent on UK continental shelf

Rise in field start-ups and shift in deal activity points to renewed confidence in the sector, says Deloitte

Collaboration in UK oil and gas decommissioning market

Providing companies with an enhanced solution for current and future decommissioning projects

Offshore oil platform protected by flame spray equipment

Thermal Sprayed Aluminium applied to an offshore oil platform to protect the structure from corrosion

160 metres high jacket weighs 9,150 tonnes

Largest jacket ever designed and fabricated at Heerema Fabrication Group ready for installation

Floating production vessel will process 100000 barrels per day

The 18-module, 11000-ton SeaRose topsides will process all produced fluidsand produce crude oil for cargo and natural gas for onboard fuel andreinjection back into the reservoir.



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