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How to secure Oil & Gas assets in the age of the IIoT - part two

Following yesterday’s identification of the problems, here are the software solutions

How to secure Oil & Gas assets in the age of the IIoT

In the first of a two part piece Dave Maguire from Metegrity ponders the challenges

Which is better, Assest Integrity Management or ERP / CMMS Software?

How to capitalise on both for operational excellence



Caspian Oil & Gas data harnessed

Operator manages to create a data lake to untangle information

New software simplifies supplies

Northern Ireland's domestic gas market benefits from a software update

Managing crude through refined products

Allison McNulty outlines how one integrated scheduling platform can bring multiple business benefits

High performance computing models

Bert Beals looks at how innovative HPC models can give oil and gas companies an edge over competitors

Underwater glider

Gliders transmitting data in real-time and can be deployed and recovered at a fraction of the cost of vessel-based or fixed-mooring monitoring approaches

Understanding the story behind the data

There is a challenge for many refinery and chemical companies to improve the analysis process and raise performance, which can be achieved through real-time visualised data. Nick Milner reports

Migrating mission critical data

More than 2,600 Kontron KISS servers are now supporting 7,500 field-based users located at the oil company’s drilling locations

AUV goes 4D

Hydrographic data acquisition, navigation and processing software package that is fully integrated into the Seaeye Sabertooth AUV

Data acquisition system

Suitable for a multitude of oceanographic, monitoring and survey applications

Sensors for measuring hydrocarbon permeability

In some cases measurements can now be produced in as little as 30 minutes, as opposed to the days or weeks with conventional gravimetric testing

Advanced dynamic positioning visualisation software

Designed to provide simplified, clear imagery while ensuring rapid and straightforward configuration via either a touch screen interface or keyboard and mouse

Extracting more from seismic data to get better subsurface models

Paradigm has developed a range of solutions that help companies to extract more value from their seismic data. Keith Forward reports

The quest for better ways of imaging oil and gas reservoirs

Jeremy Cresswell examines the latest in identifying virgin oil and gas opportunities and developing discoveries

Borehole seismic acquisition gives 'high definition' results

Nicholas Brooks reports on specialised borehole seismic data acquisition and processing solutions

Locating the ultra-deep water edges of the Arctic with satellites

Knowing accurately where continents start and end has many implications, not least for those staking a claim to the oil and gas reserves in the Arctic. New satellite sensing techniques are beginning to provide some answers. Sean Ottewell reports



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