Product lifecycle management: IBM and Siemens team up

Siemens is delivering ready-to-use systems based on its Teamcenter PLM software portfolio and IBM's Product Development Integration Framework

Using pen and multi-finger touch to control a PC

N-trig has developed its Duosense technology to enable Windows 7 applications to be controlled using a pen device and multi-fingered touch gestures

IEEE-488 GPIB-to-USB interface controller is cost-effective

Adlink Technology's new USB-3488A is a cost-effective GPIB-to-USB interface controller that is compatible with both IEEE 488.1 and IEEE 488.2

V4R (Vision for Robotics) simplifies vision/robot integration

Stemmer Imaging, Kuka Switzerland and the Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik have developed V4R (Vision for Robotics)

NX software gains Maple analysis capabilities

NX software, the CAD tool within the Siemens PLM suite, is now available with Maple analysis and optimisation functions

API provides scope for accessing Wolfram|Alpha

A new API enables developers to create web, mobile, desktop and enterprise applications that can access the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine

ISO 28500:2009 - a new standard for the WARC file format

ISO 28500:2009 (Information and documentation - WARC file format) will help to ensure that web pages can be archived efficiently for future access

NEI Fusion 2.0 combines Nastran FEA and Solidworks CAD

NEI Software's NEI Fusion 2.0 is a novel combination of Nastran FEA solvers and a 3D modeller powered by Solidworks

Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 reduces downtime

New from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 will help users to avoid equipment failures and, therefore, minimise downtime and costs

Reviewing a novel research tool for sourcing expert-level knowledge

Even with today's computer-aided design, engineering and analysis tools, there is still a need for engineers to source data from suppliers, handbooks and the internet. Jon Severn reviews Wolfram-Alpha, the 'computational knowledge engine' that could save engineers a considerable amount of time

CFdesign 2010 provides CFD in a CAD environment

Blue Ridge Numerics says that CFdesign 2010 enables engineers to investigate pass-fail and what-if engineering scenarios as part of a highly efficient workflow

Enhanced fan-less industrial PC costs less than predecessor

Nexcom's new NISE 3100e fan-less industrial PC is a low-cost, improved successor to the previous NISE 3100 model

Labview 2009 introduces wireless sensor network platform

National Instruments Labview 2009 offers benefits in terms of virtualisation, wireless sensor networks and integrated Solidworks mechatronics tools

Technical software recovery predicted in Cambashi report

A new report form Cambashi shows that growth in expenditure on technical software will recover by the second half of 2010

Fanless IPC for graphics-intensive applications

Nexcom's new NISE 3140 industrialise PC has been developed for graphics-intensive applications requiring low noise and high reliability

Online configurator for HMI support arms

Rittal is introducing a new online configurator for generating designs and bills of materials for machine interface support arms

Mezzanine board adds two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

Kontron is introducing a new mezzanine board that enables users to add two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to boards with a PMC or XMC slot

Code-reader is configured via web server

A new 1D/2D code reader from Siemens features a web server so that no separate configuration software is required, just a web browser



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