Low on-resistance N-channel MOSFETs for load switching

Suited for use in the latest battery operated portable applications

Bus cables for moving applications

chainflex CFBUS from igus, feature pressure extruded outer jackets and optimised shield braiding

High-performance DC switching

Eaton launches compact maintenance-free 2-pole DC hybrid contactors

Highly specified I/O rich KINO-AQ170 SBC

Suitable for graphics rich and computing-intensive environments such as medical, defence, signage, transportation and industrial automation

Miniature micropower, dual-output, unipolar Hall switch

Applications include open/close detection for smart cover switches for cell phones and tablets

Pitch power and signal connectors

Applications include point-of-sale equipment, medical devices, wearable devices, small sensors

PCB-to-PCB and Coax-to-PCB connections

Fairview now delivers MMBX connectors and adapters for circuit board connectivity applications

Hinged micro SIM connector

Useful for industrial and harsh environment applications where a consistent, robust connection is paramount

Ultra-low-resistance package

Toshiba unveils D2PAK+ 40V 160A 1.5mΩ MOSFET for automotive applications

Ultra-compact 64-bit multi-core module

Qormino integrates DDR SDRAMs for high performance, communication intensive applications

Multi rotary switch

The Cyber One multi rotary switch is a very versatile, active force feed-back encoder for inter-active HMI controls

The brake chopper size conundrum

John Mitchell looks at the dangers of manufacturers taking their insulated-gate bipolar transistor for granted

Feed-through data connectors

Firewire, BNC and HDMI models now added to Cliff Electronics range of XLR Format range

Inrush current limiting NTC thermistors

Thermistors withstand up to 900J of input energy and 50A currents for alternative energy applications

Auto‑aligning and self‑coupling textile-mounting garment connector

mag-Net offers invisible power and data connectivity with ease-of-use, dependable reliability, improved mobility and superior human factors

Intelligent module for embedded connectivity

Compactness allows it to be placed in the most space constrained of application environments

Robust auto-lock FFC connector

EVAFLEX5-VS CH from I-PEX is suitable for industrial and automotive applications



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