Modular harmonic filter launch

These come with IP20 and IP21 protection

New medical push-pull connectors

These complied with ISO 13485 through the design, production and quality control stages

More connectivity solutions with full-speed Ethernet

These can go deeper than ever, opening new opportunities for the miniaturisation of underwater devices

New snap-on connectors for quick mating

Ten types now available with frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz, serving input power up to 2W maximum

Small filter for control cabinets

This measures just 25mm wide

New HMI encoder with integral LCD

This is destined for use in medical electronics, audio/visual and specialist vehicle control applications

Optical rotary torque sensors launched

These are suited to accurate low torque and high band width measurements

Protection against thermal runaway

Thermal runaway is the overheating of a technical apparatus due to a self-reinforcing, heat-producing process.

New DC/DC converter module

This can deliver 200 watts of power and has efficiency of up to 95%

New overmoulded cable solutions

These are made of medical-grade silicone or thermoplastic elastomers

Converters range launch

These are designed with green power in mind

Connectors for reduced space operations

The design reduces the panel surface footprint by 40% allowing them to be used where space or weight is at a premium

New microcontrollers

These offer devices integration for concurrent multi-standard and multi-band connectivity

New easy locking connector

This 2A, 150V system is set for use primarily in the medical device industry where lots of portable equipment is used

Proximity sensing capability for microcontrollers

This expanded range features sensing and touch through glass, plastic and metal overlays



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