More options for fibre-optic connector rack panels

These pre-assembled units suit networking, lighting, instrumentation and industrial applications

New jack features optional machine-wound transformers

These are designed to ensure consistent signal transmission in limited space applications like PCBs

New small electronic actuators for opening panels

Sealed version tested to IP55 simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electronic operation

New plinth system for electronics enclosures

Replacement cabinet base with IT racks can be lifted with a forklift to aid siting

Cable pairs launched

These are for semiconductor testing, networking and supercomputing

New screwless pluggable PCB terminal blocks

Family expands with new sizes

New wire-to-wire connector system

Colour coding improves safety

Smart cables

These detect damage and predict lifetime

Cable range expands

These are aimed at transportation and similar industrial environments

Power upgrade for stepper motors

These feature faster acceleration than previous models, with lower inertia to give better positioning accuracy

New single and multi-turn encoders

These are suited to robotics and packaging machinery designs

Enhanced ingress protection

This IEC device features an integrated circuit breaker

New angle sensors with no wearing parts

These have been developed for guiding heavy duty machinery in industries like mining and agriculture

New fully redundant PLC pair

These feature integrated process-and safety-control programs with a single CPU module

Plug and play in industrial plants

Keeping costs down while embracing the IIoT

New coaxial surge and lightning protectors

These were developed to protect wired and wireless communications equipment

New line of Miniature Circuit Breakers

They are suitable for use in AC and DC applications

Fans for server applications

They are designed for improved static pressure and airflow

Cat 6A connector added to 24mm panel range

This is for high speed data applications including 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 100m

New line of skew matched cables

These are for networking, semiconductor testing and the supercomputing industries



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