Left- and right-hand plugs in Eurostyle format

Tyco Electronics is introducing left- and right-hand plugs to its range of Eurostyle wire-to-board terminal blocks

1MBd digital optocoupler is 'industry's most energy-efficient'

Avago Technologies claims that its new ACPL-M50L compact, low-power, single-channel optocoupler is the most energy-efficient model of its type

High-power connector includes signal contacts

The new Han Q 4/2 industrial connector from Harting has four 40A power contacts and two 10A signal contacts

IDC connectors help motor manufacturers migrate to aluminium

Tyco Electronics says its Mag-Mate insulation displacement crimp interconnects will be of interest to motor manufacturers switching from copper to aluminium conductors

Ultra-low-energy Bluetooth chip creates new product opportunities

CSR's uEnergy chips address the needs of ultra-low-power connected devices ranging from watches to health and wellbeing devices

Self-bunkering inductive proximity switches for welding applications

Balluff is launching the Bunkerprox, a rugged, 'self-bunkering' M18 inductive proximity sensor that can survive in welding applications without external protection



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