Hardware interface is Can-compatible

The Can-PCIe/200 is a Can interface from ESD Electronics that is suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries

D-subminiature reduce electrical noise

Harting's D-subminiature filter adaptors can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment or used during product development projects

Circuit board housings for computer server system

Component contains almost 2000 individual perforations with hole positional tolerance of 0.1mm

Heat sinks offer high performance and low weight

New aluminum/silicon-carbide technology offers thermal properties similar to those of molybdenum/copper heat sinks, but at a fraction of the weight

Microcontrollers with low power consumption

8- and 16-bit MCUs for battery-powered systems and energy efficient home electronics launched by NEC

A forgettable year for memory chip makers

Major downturn caused revenue to fall for nearly all suppliers and contributed to negative results for the overall semiconductor industry

Display modules feature a wider viewing angle

Hitachi's latest 19-in display module offers an exceptionally wide viewing angle, excellent colour saturation and a very high contrast ratio

Light enhancing, heat dissipating silicones

Include optically clear encapsulants, a range of gels and rubbers with differing cure cycles and physical properties

Double stack hybrid linear actuators

Typical applications include semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, hand held instruments

Parameters for hermetically sealed connectors

Sealing is a very complex science by itself as it involves many physical aspects, including mechanical design, materials science, surface science and fluid behaviour

New TFT display modules for 2009

Hitachi is introducing several new TFT display modules to the European market in 2009, with sizes ranging from 6.5 to 21.2 inches

New generation of general-purpose relays

Tyco Electronics is launching the RZ series of general-purpose relays to build on the success of its popular RT series relays

Cooling elements as front or rear panel

Cooling fin extrusions can be used directly as front and/or rear panels in cabinets and sub racks for electronics equipment

Smallest RF front-end solution for Wi-Fi applications

SiGe Semiconductor's claims SE2566U architecture is first to integrate two fully matched power amplifiers on a single die

DTV semiconductor market suffers decline in 2008

Global DTV semiconductor revenue is set to decline to $7.95 billion in 2008, down 1.1 per cent from $8.04 billion in 2007, according to iSuppli Corp

Aluminium connector targets motorsport and military systems

Serge Buechli looks at a new high-strength aluminium connector due later this year



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