New Ethernet connectors for video use

These are designed to suit military specifications

Latest generation of industrial motherboard launched

This is designed for medical, surveillance, communication and defence applications

New dual-stage series of RFI filters

The range offers approximately 100 different filter types

When obsolete and unavailable resistors die

How replacing resistors from defunct manufacturers is not the hassle it used to be

Second generation in-mould electronic materials announced

Advanced electrically conductive adhesives could benefit circuits in injection moulded electronic components

Downsizing for cables in the Industry 4.0 era

How automotive semiconductor chips could influence future Single Pair Ethernet cables

Board edge connector range gets upgraded

Gold plated contacts and 314-pin variant aimed primarily at the automotive market

New cable range gets improved compound

Halogen-free design is suited for an operating temperature range between -50°C and +125°C

New line of solderless vertical launch connectors

These are aimed at the networking, high-speed computing and telecommunications markets

Mobile test system for congested urban cables

These can be specified to be fault locating only, testing and diagnostics only, or a combination of both

New 15 inch Panel PC with IP69 certification

The stainless enclosure has been tested with an 80°C 100 bar water jet at 100–150mm distance

Microcontroller family expands with up to 512KB of flash memory

New range includes a built-in self-diagnosis tool that checks the voltage in the ADC

New white paper to de-mystify the role of VCAs

Voice Coil Actuators are increasingly being used in applications where precision is required



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