Eisele introduces an additional M12 power plug

Modular kit system for multiple connectors now has a new electrical connector

Electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors

A new line of electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors for secure and reliable DC voltage and command control functions

Ultra-Thin Boards Facilitate Transportation Systems

Based on the breakthrough Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series, AL051 motherboard delivers a 30% performance improvement



Small resistor comes with 3500 W power

Reo UK has aimed unit at mining equipment and large vehicle sector

Sick shrinks read/writing unit

Is this new UHF RFID device the smallest of its kind?

EasyDaq launches a new sequencing relay card

Device has been designed not to overload systems on start-up

Tips for keeping a soldering iron oxide-free

Effective maintenance can considerably extend tool life

Analogue tape recording machine gets an upgrade

Specialist bearings get used to ensure successful wow flutter test

Synchro/LVDT simulation/acquisition module launched

Highland Technology debuts 12-channel benchtop synchro/LVDT unit

Preparing Ethernet for Industry 4.0

How Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) can support manufacturers

Layer 3 Ethernet switches family expands

New designs are for automotive and other embedded applications

Junction box is ready for Zone 2 explosion hazard areas

New unit comes in a lockable 316L stainless steel enclosure

Need orange cabling for plastic-sheathed components?

This is for high-voltage applications like in EVs

Miniature trigger switch for heavy duty control

This is designed for all types of brushless DC applications

DC/DC point-of-load buck converter

Silanna Semiconductor’s latest is for space-constrained applications

Interlock switch delivers 5,000N lock force

Redesigned solenoid unit features three independent rotary cams

New cables for SEW and Siemens motors

These come with a 36 month guarantee

DC-brushed motor driver IC range expands

Toshiba launches single-channel H-bridge unit



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