Electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors

A new line of electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors for secure and reliable DC voltage and command control functions

Ultra-Thin Boards Facilitate Transportation Systems

Based on the breakthrough Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series, AL051 motherboard delivers a 30% performance improvement

New range of coaxial packaged tunnel diode detectors

These are designed for prototype and proof-of-concept applications



RF cable assemblies for mission-critical uses

These are designed for avionics and military applications

LEDs for HUDs and instrument clusters

Patented tech reduces noise from ceramic capacitors

Connectors offer wide bandwidth

These are made of stainless steel with a gold-plated beryllium copper centre contact

Useful upgrade for electrical surge protection

Transient dissipation filters protect sensitive electronics

Relay switches feature solderless connections

These are for communications, broadcast systems and instrumentation

Options for USB Power Delivery and USB-C battery charging

Renesas launches two reference designs in kit form

Pasternack launches a new line of low-noise amplifiers

These handle RF input power up to 1 Watt CW without damage

Gold plated connector for 4K format video

75Ω unit is designed for custom I/O configurations

New outdoor electronics enclosures

Options include cooling fans, power sources and heaters

Improved fibre optic transmitter solutions

Ten week lead time for 850nm LED technology units

Sick joins Industry 4.0 with its first IO-link encoder

System is designed for sensors on automated machinery

New coaxial cables with low PIM levels

These are designed for distributed antenna systems

Tools No Longer Needed For Circuit Boards Thanks To Unthreaded Standoffs

These attach components either horizontally or vertically using minimal hardware



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