Gas mixing software for flow meters

qMix eliminates need to send flow meter back to the factory for gas composition changes

Advanced gas engine oil

Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40 'improves productivity' for power operators using biomass and landfill gas

Six spiral seam tanks for bio-energy plant

Containers aim to produce enough biogas to power 3000 local homes. As a by-product the system will also create soil conditioner for agricultural use

Software provides biogas plant overview

Data determined by ProMOS Bio provide an optimum overview and assist the operator in filtering out the cost drivers in the plant

Bioenergy plant design - material decisions for tanks

As energy prices continue rise, the number of bioenergy plants across the world is increasing rapidly. However, design engineers are faced with a number of basic choices when it comes to starting a new project

£20m anaerobic digestion plant completed

The plant is the largest gas-to-grid AD plant in the UK

Determining the value of waste materials as fuel feedstock

Key to assessing the value of a waste material as a potential fuel feedstock is in determining its carbon and hydrogen content

High temperature filter elements for use in biomass gasification

Biomass gasification involves incomplete combustion of biomass resulting in production of combustible gases consisting of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and traces of methane

Planetary gearboxes solution helps reduce landfill waste

As public opinion continues to turn against environmentally harmful landfill sites, ever increasingly innovative methods to improve recycling are being developed

Harmonising the production of foodstuffs and energy

Vin2Food process facilitates ecologically sound and economically attractive use of the vinasse/slurry

Four biogas plants to boost green energy in France

Biogas plant manufacturer Weltec Biopower GmbH, together with partner Domaix Energie in Alsace, France, has started rolling out four agricultural biogas plant projects

Taking steam systems to the next level

As the drive for reduced waste levels and cleaner energy continues to strengthen, steam is beginning to fulfil its potential in a number of innovative industrial applications. Chris Gaunt discusses the heritage of steam heating and details its exciting future in anaerobic digestion plants

Longer life and more reliable sealing in hoses, gaskets and o-rings for biofuels

Viton fluoroelastomer compounds have the ability to resist and withstand such attacks from a growing range of solvents and fuels

UK launch for anaerobic digestion tanking system

BCI Process launch the Lipp tanking system at The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association ADBA trade show

1.8MW biogas plant built for Finland

Plant will produce biomethane refined to natural gas quality, which is suitable for all consumption paths and as such also suitable as fuel for the growing network of Finnish natural gas stations

New generation biomass power plant

Control technology helps deliver green energy as innovative biomass power plant goes on stream in Italy



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