Biomass & Biofuels

Why waste heat recovery is so important

Increased energy efficiency is a constant challenge for industry, energy prices are rising globally so there is a short term necessity to reduce fuel bills in order to remain competitive

The challenge of pellet production

Mark Burnett looks at the importance of industrial grease products in ensuring machinery can handle the high load and, in particular, what characteristics are required for long-lasting lubrication

Reliable power at Polish waste-to-energy plant

Plant enables disposal of waste effectively and helps Poland meet its obligations under the EU’s 2020 climate and energy directive


UK gets new waste-to-energy plant

Plant will recycle more than 100,000 tonnes of organic waste every year

Electrical solution for biomass energy

Scheme reuses sugarcane bagasse as a renewable energy resource to generate nearly 155GWh of electricity per year

Commercial fermentation

Improving the economics of a biogas plant by replacing the expensive maize silage with inexpensive poultry manure

Fuel for thought

Horst Endter reveals how a biomass-fired CHP station depends on an innovative process control system

Achieving optimum performance of AD plants

Operators of AD plants often find it difficult to achieve the best performance from their plants

CHP station burns around 90,000 tonnes of biomass

Biomass-fired CHP station depends on PMSXpro process control system. Horst Endter reports

Gas goes green

Breakthrough process uses biogas to produce bio-LNG and bioCO2, and lower biomethane tariffs

Anaerobic digestion plant design

Making Feed-In Tariffs payments cost effective. Martin Grant reports

Top three emerging eco technologies

Mark Proctor unveils his top three emerging environmental technologies to look out for

Top three emerging eco technologies

Mark Proctor unveils his top five emerging environmental technologies to look out for

Bacteria’s hydrogen splitting secrets revealed

Research might lead to a cheaper, more efficient, hydrogen economy

Efficient anaerobic digestion plant design

Martin Grant explains how to maximise Renewable Heat Incentive payments

South Africa's first independent landfill gas generation scheme

Five facilities will produce a total of 13MW of renewable energy, sufficient to power approximately 24,000 homes

Tubular modules for micro and ultra filtration

T-CUT tubular modules can be used even in demanding applications such as the treatment of pickling baths

Burning biomass saves carbon

Drax power station to save 20 millionth tonnes; expects to reach 50 million tonne mark by end of 2017



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