New robust FFC/FPC connector

I-PEX launches the MINIFLEX5-FF, for industrial and automotive applications

Virtually drive automotive CAE models

Anyone can evaluate the potential noise, vibration and harshness impact of CAE component designs

Make do and mend

Darren Halford examines the benefits of remanufactured automotive parts

Intelligent solutions for lightweight vehicles

Antje Lewe discusses how modern materials benefit automotive design in a variety of ways

Linear position sensors provide high accuracy steering

Satellite guidance is employed as a key element to reduce vehicle travel over the agricultural fields to the very minimum

Staying safe against extreme corrosion

Lead-free coating resists corrosion at extreme temperatures

New rotary position sensor

Protects against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature

Concentrated industry: Modern manufacturing clusters

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the benefits of modern manufacturing clusters

Rust removal gel helps tackle trillions in losses

Designed for applications where immersion is not possible, the gel can visibly remove rust in as little as 20 minutes

Temperature probe offers extended performance

For use in demanding automotive, medical and industrial temperature measurement applications

Optimising the measurement performance of infrared thermal imaging cameras

There are many factors to consider when selecting a thermal imaging camera. While emissivity and wavelength are crucial when measuring the temperature of specific materials or objects, other factors such as ease of camera set up, software integration capabilities and compactness are equally important, says Glenn Wedgbrow

SMT power inductors certified for automotive applications

Industry qualified inductors offer improved reliability and efficiency

Chemical kinetics and internal combustion capability for engine simulation

LOGE AB brings LOGEsoft and LOGEengine to Altair Partner Alliance

Vibration switch protects critical assets

The HS-429 automatically trips in the event of excessive vibration levels, allowing critical systems to be shut down before damage can occur

Fan system first to successfully cool electric formula racecar

Axial DC fans efficiently cool the ETSEIB Motorsport electric formula car at recent 22km endurance race, out-performing the competition



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