DARPA's experimental new vehicles break cover

Long travel suspension, wheels that turn into tracks and VR cockpits could be making safer vehicles

Prototype SUV uses multi-layered regeneration

Each kilometre downhill brings around an additional kilometre in range, as demonstrated at Pikes Peak

Powering the next generation of Formula E

The popular race series has gone from strength to strength, now manufacturers are using it as a test bed for road-going EVs

Biometric sensors record real-time emotions of racers

This could one day have consumer safety implications by detecting driver fatigue or drunkenness

Family of automotive regulators expands

These are for HUD, telematics, infotainment, cameras, ECUs and IoT applications

New power device for 3-phase brushless motors

These are intended for automotive uses such as fan motors, power steering and electric turbochargers

And the Formula Student winner is…

An AI-guided autonomous car, a first in the competition

AI and autonomy on the race track

Formula Student expands remit for 2018

Rethinking component design for electric vehicles

Facing the challenges of power management when getting the most from the battery is crucial

Further investment in Additive Manufacturing

F1 manufacturer uses the parts in the wind tunnel

EV faster than a Formula 1 car

VW's electric Pikes Peak challenger set to use a new rapid charge system

Rethinking electric vehicle component design

New whitepaper explores the challenges of EV adoption, considering component design, charging infrastructure and batteries

World Rallycross move to electric

The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council has approved plans for the Championship to be an electric series from 2020

Industrial 3D print brings student racing car dream to life

A Hertfordshire based prototyping company has helped students at Coventry University bring a unique racing car to life for an annual competition.

New low voltage welding torch

This is designed for electric vehicle battery pack applications

Global electric vehicle patent results published

The numbers are estimated to reach to reach 7,500 in 2018

AI to accelarate autonomy

Hyundai to invest in intelligent radars

PHEV trial expands to Spain

Small and medium fleets of Transit Custom PHEVs are part of US$11 billion investment



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