Audi looks to develop a breathing car seat

Braunschweig University of Art teams up with Audi to develop the concept of a breathing car seat

New wireless capability for cars

Advances include voice recognition using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things technology and even driver stress detection. Cue the soothing music...

New thermal barrier for composites

The plasma-applied system can be used on Class A surfaces

Novel tyre

This bizarre concept shows a number of innovations

PFDI technology enters service in the US

Propane autogas now offered on two engine variants

Test facility opens in Germany

Advances in autonomous vehicles drives expansion

New vision sensor for improved night driving safety

This is designed to reduce accidents by detecting pedestrians and other road users in low-light situations

Standalone LED driver for in-car lighting

This cuts costs and enables dynamically changing light

Electric vehicle pioneer favours wireless test rigs

A company that has been at the forefront of electric vehicle design and development for over 20 years has supplied a test rig based on a wireless torque sensor to a world renowned UK University automotive research facility.

Steering to success

Some factors to consider when testing steering systems

Closing the loop on EV battery recycling

Work at Argonne National Laboratory examines cost implications

New electric cab

This six-seat vehicle is designed for Scandinavian winters

World first for autonomous cars

The fuel cell electric vehicles drove from Seoul to Pyeongchang

Protecting poplars

The trees are thought to be an excellent source of bioethanol for transportation fuels

Optical connectivity for cars

Autonomous electric and hybrids to benefit

New scalable platform for EVs

This collection of units are aimed at electric vehicle OEMs

Autonomy expands to the hotel business

One car maker has been having fun

Electric dreams

Volvo Trucks has set out a vision for urban deliveries of the future

It's back…

Up to 150 of these 400HP machines are being built in celebration of the marque’s 70th anniversary

New engine plant opens in Thailand

The facility is the result of a 22.1 billion yen investment



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