Survey finds more potential customers open to EVs

Range anxiety a diminishing fear as 300 miles per charge now the threshold

Five possible roads of the future

Cars are evolving, will roads do the same?

Autonomous work vehicle

It’s already been trailed in forestry and fire fighting

Are Nano Tubes the answer to electric vehicle batteries?

Lightweight hybrid battery systems could work in electric cars

Alternative raw materials for tyres studied

German research centre to look at Dandelions

Reversible EV conversion for classics

New ‘cassette’ system uses original engine and gearbox mountings

EV cyber security standards launch

Europe-wide project aims to offer level playing field

New electronic twist throttle

This uses Hall-effect sensor technology

Electric concept brings deliveries up to date

New ID Buzz Cargo could be launched as early as 2022

Could waste help fuel the future?

New technologies are allowing waste-to-energy to become more sustainable

Race legends join AV venture

These low speed machines are designed for resorts, theme parks and city centres

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure project gets green light

Cars communicating with traffic lights reduces congestion in cities

New carbon fibre centre celebrates opening

This could deliver £100m to the local economy by 2028

Motion sickness algorithms examined to enhance comfort

Jaguar Land Rover project aims to monitor passengers, attributing a ‘wellness score’

AI incorporated in to autonomous vehicles

This software gives cars ‘human-like intuition’



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