Testing times for military vehicles

Some thoughts on the most useful test & measurement kit for steering parts

Motion sickness algorithms examined to enhance comfort

Jaguar Land Rover project aims to monitor passengers, attributing a ‘wellness score’

Driving value in eight minutes

Is new EV charging technology an opportunity for food businesses?

AI incorporated in to autonomous vehicles

This software gives cars ‘human-like intuition’

Hornet Racing Team used 3D printing to improve enginer performance

How the Hornet Racing Formula SAE team improved engine performance with the use of 3D printing technology

Formula One-inspired prototype breaks cover

Unusual regeneration sees battery charged on braking and acceleration

Redesign sees power upgrade for wheel motors

These are designed for AGVs, actuators and electric vehicles

How disruptive are your inventions?

Some thoughts on evolutionary verses AI-fuelled revolutionary inventions

Ambitious all-electric hypercar prototype revealed

This is set to feature solid state power and custom cabling for complete vehicle integration

Partnership to deliver electric bus to Argentina

Ambitious project specification sees 70-seater bus go all day on single charge

New lighter vehicle construction aims to go mainstream

Formula One-derived technique blends aluminium thin-wall tubular frame and recycled carbon-composite

Volvo concept takes autonomy one step further

Is it possible this mobile office concept could one day rival short-haul plane journeys?

New bearing technology cuts friction

This is overlaid with a polymer resin binder containing additives dispersed throughout the matrix

Ann Arbor extends connected vehicle project

The University of Michigan is creating a giant test bed for DSRC 5.9GHz V2X technology

Providentia research update: 5G on the A9

German project examines making use of existing mobile communications boosted by prototype system

Creating the black cab of the future

This new vehicle features a battery pack giving a 70 mile range, and a petrol generator system to extend to 377 miles

Making use of data-driven defence

By monitoring the data from military vehicles in service, next generation components can be designed more easily



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