Data management software gains additional features

NI Diadem 11.1, a new release of National Instruments' software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data, is now more powerful

GPS receiver module meets automotive requirements

A new GPS receiver module from Vincotech is designed for reliability, quality, long-term availability and ease of inspection

Microcontrollers designed for off-road vehicles

Two new Plus+1 microcontrollers from Sauer-Danfoss offer designers of off-road vehicles a wider range of control functions and design options

Noise-free rubber for automotive applications

Trelleborg Noise-Free Rubber is an improved self-lubricated, low-friction material that has superior fatigue properties and bonds better to other rubberss

Alternatives to four-stroke engines promise an increase in efficiency

For 100 years the four-stroke internal combustion engine has been the dominant automotive powerplant, but there is a pressing need to improve fuel efficiency, emissions and power density

Machinery relocation services

DB Engineering Services is a specialist company for machinery relocation. It has dismantled (and re-installed), packed and shipped a diversity of manufacturing equipment ranging

Magnetic sensor bearing designed for micro-hybrid cars

SKF has developed a magnetic sensor bearing for use in Valeo's Stars (starter alternator reversible system) for micro-hybrid cars

Torsional stiffness measurement system uses COTS components

RDP Electronics is now supplying complete systems for measuring torsional stiffness, assembled from standard products

Throttle valve bearings are airtight

Compact, sealed throttle valve bearings improve safety and fuel efficiency of Dakar Rally vehicles

Red-Lion project delivers reduced-cost Li-Ion vehicle battery

Qinetiq and Ricardo have completed the Red-Lion project, demonstrating a new low-cost lithium-ion cell chemistry and associated flexible battery management system

Most junction box is compatible with reflow soldering

A new Most straight junction box from Molex features a high-temperature polymer housing that can withstand reflow soldering processes

Mini Canbus datalogger has USB port for communicating with a PC

New from Sensor-Technik is the C2U-Mini datalogger that records data from Canbus systems and connects to a PC via a USB link for data storage and analysis

Bio-based resins for automotive applications

DSM is launching two new resins, Palapreg ECO P55-01 and EcoPaXX, for automotive body panels and other components

Armrests: innovation in automotive sliding systems

Car manufacturers and interior suppliers are creating new sliding mechanisms and storage solutions. Peter Bayles reports

Scratch prevention coating

Marco Benen reports on an innovative clearcoat which provides long-lasting protection from microscratches without an additional layer

Hybrid-electric race car

Has the ability to run on either one or both of two propulsion systems – a normally aspirated petrol engine and an electric motor

Film protects car bodies from external damage

Protects car bodies from damage, from assembly through to transport and storage

Incremental improvements deliver major reductions in vehicle emissions

Until there is a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine, automotive manufacturers need to find ways to reduce fuel consumption and emissions to comply with legislation and reduce the vehicles' 'carbon footprint'. Paul Stevens reports on a selection of the latest technologies that can help to achieve these goals

Joystick is designed for mobile and off-highway equipment

Parker's latest co-ordinate joystick, the IQAN-LC5, is a rugged, versatile and ergonomic control for use in mobile and off-highway equipment

Seatback design saves weight and cost

Offers great versatility to BMW who have integrated its manufacture into their cockpit production facility



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