New lighter vehicle construction aims to go mainstream

Formula One-derived technique blends aluminium thin-wall tubular frame and recycled carbon-composite

Volvo concept takes autonomy one step further

Is it possible this mobile office concept could one day rival short-haul plane journeys?

New line of 4kV capacitors launched

These are designed for EV applications where higher voltages are needed, but where a margin for derating is useful

New bearing technology cuts friction

This is overlaid with a polymer resin binder containing additives dispersed throughout the matrix

Ann Arbor extends connected vehicle project

The University of Michigan is creating a giant test bed for DSRC 5.9GHz V2X technology

Providentia research update: 5G on the A9

German project examines making use of existing mobile communications boosted by prototype system

Hill climb record comfortably beaten by electric car

Formula E race car performs at iconic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb marking 113th anniversary

Making use of data-driven defence

By monitoring the data from military vehicles in service, next generation components can be designed more easily

DARPA's experimental new vehicles break cover

Long travel suspension, wheels that turn into tracks and VR cockpits could be making safer vehicles

Prototype SUV uses multi-layered regeneration

Each kilometre downhill brings around an additional kilometre in range, as demonstrated at Pikes Peak

Powering the next generation of Formula E

The popular race series has gone from strength to strength, now manufacturers are using it as a test bed for road-going EVs

Biometric sensors record real-time emotions of racers

This could one day have consumer safety implications by detecting driver fatigue or drunkenness

Family of automotive regulators expands

These are for HUD, telematics, infotainment, cameras, ECUs and IoT applications

Second phase of new car assembly plant completed

Former Ministry of Defence site in South Wales to build brand new luxury SUV late next year



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