Use of plastics in electric vehicles: jump in market revenues to $73m

The advantages of plastics, particularly that of lightweight, will drive penetration rates and growth

Development kit helps build personalised pulse networks

Helps meet unique and custom specifications including pulse impedance, peak voltage, pulse width and pulse width under load

Eliminating tube waste

Waste can be reduced by up to 90 per cent depending on the bending shape

Project to study metal organic frameworks

Further research into metal organic frameworks, which could prove viable for storage of hydrogen in cars

In search of the 'green' car

Study concludes that several technologies will be used over the next decade to help cars meet legislated fuel and emissions targets

Vehicle dynamics that actively toe the line

Works on rear axle of front wheel drive cars to optimise the toe angle, depending on the speed of the vehicle

Alternative sealing method for pistons

Turcon material provides long seal life, contributing to shock absorbers that can meet the demands from car manufacturers

Dashboard computer prioritises driver info

To avoid drivers being overloaded with information, European researchers have developed a new interface for in-car information systems

Concept cars come in many colours - but often with a hint of 'green'

Car manufacturers have produced an interesting array of concept cars recently, with many - but by no means all - exhibiting ideas that are intended to help the environment. Alistair Rae takes a look at some of the best examples.

Checking torque values of critical fastenings

Operative takes wrench to production line once it has been stored with all the data to carry out a specific check of torque values

Automotive MEMS sensor market to double

Driven by new government mandates, global shipments of automotive Microelectromechanical Systems sensors are expected to nearly double from 2006 to 2012, according to iSuppli Corp

Hollow profile for family of handling rails

The lightness of the hollow aluminium profiles makes them easy to position and handle for assembly. They can all be moved and positioned manually without any specific hoisting equipment

CO2 refrigerant hoses meet emissions guidelines

The impact of automotive air conditioners on the greenhouse effect is not insignificant. Innovative solutions are required that equally satisfy the requirements of the environment and the expectations of motorists

Composite developed for automotive panels

Automakers can design cost-effective, lightweight and aerodynamic body panels that will help drive the success of fuel-efficient future models

Tolerance rings shed weight

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Rencol looks at how tolerance rings can help shave more weight off electric power assisted steering

Race car simulation produces the surge, sway and yaw displacements

Transdev’s Synchroflex Generation III timing belts, matching precision pulleys and Drivelock bushes for autosport motion platform application



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