Classic Mini gets new electric power

Bespoke 80kw motor and single transmission gives 80mph top speed

New simulator to aid autonomous vehicle development

The Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Centre has made a purchase

Ford Tests "The Human Car Set" With Autonomous Vehicles

Bizarre approach maybe, but lessons about lighting have been learned

3 New Technologies In Military Vehicle Manufacturing

Some thoughts based on current design trends

Electric vehicle charging data gathered from 18 month trial

Project analysed EV use in the English Midlands, South West and South Wales

Dune buggy brought back to life by Volkswagen

This time it’s based on VW’s modular electric drive matrix

Foreward looking statements from autonomous vehicles

New project examines human faith in intention signals

Designing steering from the start

There is more to a steering column than just a shaft with joints in

Latest safety tech aims to protect pedestrians

US insurance industry group to evaluate performance

Chinese factory hosts opening ceremony

EV production scheduled to start in May after US$680 million investment

Technology for post-autonomous driving at CES

Car maker’s collaboration with MIT highlighted

Survey finds more potential customers open to EVs

Range anxiety a diminishing fear as 300 miles per charge now the threshold

Five possible roads of the future

Cars are evolving, will roads do the same?

Autonomous work vehicle

It’s already been trailed in forestry and fire fighting

Taking charge with nano tubes

Lightweight hybrid battery systems could work in electric cars



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