New scalable platform for EVs

This collection of units are aimed at electric vehicle OEMs

Electric dreams

Volvo Trucks has set out a vision for urban deliveries of the future

It's back…

Up to 150 of these 400HP machines are being built in celebration of the marque’s 70th anniversary

New engine plant opens in Thailand

The facility is the result of a 22.1 billion yen investment

The VW van of the future

Volkswagen is mulling an electric, AI-assisted vehicle with the batteries in the floor

Telematics plug-in

Crash sensor and driver behaviour monitor plugs into the cigarette lighter

Vehicle lighting upgrades over-the-air

eSync demo to take place at the CES 2018 exhibition in Las Vegas

Simultaneous manufacturing for specialist steering

New SOHMAX machine tool to offer cost benefits

Starting young

Software engineers aged 11-19 have completed a variety of challenges

New auto simulation software

Real-time models can be created featuring multiple domains

Forward looking statements

This new scalable front camera solution is aimed at the advanced driver assistance market

New portable test kit

The device is aimed at both suppliers and manufacturers looking to multi-track thickness measurements of automotive brake discs



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