Automotive Design

Autonomic response

Vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in autonomy and the communications infrastructure required to make it work. Here’s a snapshot of the work going on behind the scenes

Resistance is useful

Electrifying the world’s transport networks is no small task, especially considering the needs of heavier vehicles. Here Simone Bruckner considers the technical details

Parallel lines

Instead of designing motor components one after the other, Porsche and Altair have teamed up to use simulation to do it all at once



What are the choices for powering next generation vehicles?

With piston engines still very much with us, alongside alternative fuels, hybrids and pure EVs, the powertrain industry has fragmented into a fascinating mass of technology choices

New Single Cylinder Intelligent Valve Technology

Brunel University London is the first to use the research engine

Meet the most powerful 2,000cc production engine

New hand-built turbocharged Mercedes unit tops 400 hp

New mixed-reality headset

This enables designers to gain gather knowledge earlier

Nissan’s advanced autonomy comes to market

It’s the first commercial navigated highway driving system with single-lane capabilities

BorgWarner teams up with Romeo Power Technology

New venture will focus on EV battery modules

Electrify America continues expansion with new retail outlets

Nine more firms sign up including national grocers and shopping centres

SLS mock-up showcases novel valvetrain

Model will be used for trade show technology demos

Hybrid idea to help reduce truck emissions

MIT proposals feature alcohol and spark ignition

Ford’s analysis points to best EV charge sites

Data scientists at the company have developed an algorithm

Toyota to open up EV patents to all

Company will grant royalty-free licenses on nearly 24,000 patents

Take a look at BMW’s electric future

Testing gathers pace in Arjeplog, Sweden

AI examines battery lifespan

MIT, Stanford and Toyota team up for research project



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