Automotive Design

Developments In Non-Contact Engine Volume Gauging

Terry Arden discusses custom non-contact engine volume gauging for Tier 2 and 3 component suppliers

Volvo Uses Mixed-Reality In Testing

Collaboration creates a world-first approach to evaluating prototypes, designs and active safety technologies

How To Improve Engine Efficiency

An innovative torque sensor is helping to reduce engine emissions and improve economy as part of a project to develop an intelligent lubrication system



Will Electric Vehicles Be As Efficient As Traditional Vehicles?

Electrifying the world’s transport networks is no small task, especially considering the needs of heavier vehicles. Here Simone Bruckner considers the technical details

How Is Simulation Being Used In Automotive Design?

Instead of designing motor components one after the other, Porsche and Altair have teamed up to use simulation to do it all at once

What are the choices for powering next generation vehicles?

With piston engines still very much with us, alongside alternative fuels, hybrids and pure EVs, the powertrain industry has fragmented into a fascinating mass of technology choices

Is this the future for Virginian highways?

Deployments of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) communication to begin soon

VW expands autonomy research in California

New centre anticipates hiring up to 100 experts this year

All-new e-kart from Electroheads

These will introduced through a 2020 race series

Can elemental analysis produce ultra-low sulphur fuel?

This is how sulphur content can be monitored more closely

VW to shift motorsport emphasis for good

Company “will say goodbye to factory-backed commitments using internal combustion engines”

Green engineering for the commercial vehicle sector

How to reduce your carbon footprint with expert steering design

Narrower roads, wider design options

What will the future or emergency vehicles look like?

How clean is your steering wheel?

Some steering wheels carry more bacteria than a toilet seat

What is Just in Sequence production?

And how can the auto industry benefit from it?

How designers reduce vehicle weight - part 2

In her second piece this week Nina Samodajev from Siemens examines AHSS



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