PROFINET and CC-Link IE co-operation will expand open networks

CC-Link IE and CC-Link are the dominant open automation networks in Asia, while PROFINET is favoured in Europe

Trending tech for remote access

In the manufacturing industry the use of apps is becoming a more common way to access information. Jonathan Wilkins compares industrial apps to browser based alternatives

The risks of replacement

Darren Halford challenges the outdated perceptions of sourcing obsolete industrial technology.

Why e-commerce is now a must have in automation and control engineering

Tony Young discusses the changing attitude towards purchasing industrial components online

Adaptive control

Paul Hurst explains how vacuum brazing control technology is successfully transferring to other sectors

The path to productivity

Steve Leech outlines some key areas that can have a big impact on releasing a process plant’s productivity potential

Bearing design calculation software

Schaeffler has released a revised and updated version of its bearing design calculation software, BEARINX

Planning a plant revamp

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the stages of hot cutover and alternative solutions to minimise downtime

The rise of ubiquitous computing

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the concept of ubiquitous computing and how it will affect the relationship between humans and technology

Air-to-air cooler/ heater

Temperature control system optimises performance of outdoor enclosures and kiosks

Protecting your production line

The latest advancements in industrial connectivity mean that even the smallest of manufacturing businesses could be in potential danger from software hackers. Here, Jonathan Wilkins discusses how to protect your production line

Top three emerging eco technologies

Mark Proctor unveils his top five emerging environmental technologies to look out for

Beyond smoke and mirrors: Three things you did not know about IIoT

Martyn Williams discusses the three things you might not know about Industrial Internet of Things

Concentrated industry: Modern manufacturing clusters

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the benefits of modern manufacturing clusters

Stop collecting data, start using it, urges manufacturing expert

Companies to stop collecting masses and masses of data and actually start empowering their people to use information to make better informed decisions

Automaton motion server

Advanced control features such as learning control, harmonic cancellation and command shaping

Modular moulded enclosure

SoftStyle is moulded from a flame retardant UL94-V0 polycarbonate, which allows translucent mouldings and offers better UV stability than ABS or other materials



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