Intelligent machine monitoring

CC-Link IE’s Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) simplifies integration of Schaeffler’s FAG SmartCheck into Industrial Automation

Master alarm database, alarm rationalisation and management of change software

M.A.C. Solutions has added a software application to the ProcessVue Alarm Management software that incorporates a Master Alarm Database, a set of alarm rationalisation tools and Management of Change functionality

Beyond smoke and mirrors: Three things you did not know about IIoT

Martyn Williams discusses the three things you might not know about Industrial Internet of Things

Keeping up with demand for water

Consumers generally take their water supply for granted, giving barely a thought to how it is extracted, filtered and delivered. By John Browett

Is your plant vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

Even the most basic control system is connected to a computer. This connectivity brings benefits but also opens up a hazard - attacks from unfriendly parties

Real time operating system for safety critical applications

The TQ Group has ported the INTEGRITY real time operating system to its TQMa6x minimodule for safety critical embedded applications. Nick Flaherty reports

Concentrated industry: Modern manufacturing clusters

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the benefits of modern manufacturing clusters

3D printing: looking to the future

Jonathan Wilkins explains why the manufacturing industry should celebratate 3D printing

Automaton motion server

Advanced control features such as learning control, harmonic cancellation and command shaping

Top five reasons to choose obsolete

Broken-down components can cause a world of problems for manufacturers. When disaster strikes, manufacturers are forced to make the decision to replace or upgrade their industrial equipment. Here, Jonathan Wilkins discusses the top five benefits of sourcing obsolete industrial automation parts

Top 5 problems with human machine interfaces

Seventy-five percent of office workers admit to resorting to physical violence against their computer; the other 25% probably only employed mental abuse. Jonathan Wilkins reports

How to make the most of ESOS and EAS

To prepare companies for ESOS and EAS energy audits, industrial software expert COPA-DATA has launched two online platforms advising large enterprises in the UK and Ireland to act upon their findings to reduce energy consuption and bills

Machinery health monitoring in hazardous areas

Metrix gains ATEX approval for field-configurable vibration measurement system

Social media tips for automation industry

Guide looks at social media presence across the automation industry and provides useful tips on how to achieve social media success

A lesson in communication

European Automation publishes industry report on communication protocol OPC Unified Architecture

Industry 4.0: food for thought

Jeremy Shinton explains how food and drink manufacturers in particular can benefit from the implementation of Industry 4.0



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