Digital decay in industry

Jonathan Wilkins examines how digital decay is affecting industry and the options available to manufacturers

Conquering the data mountain

The ability to manage data is crucial when trying to achieve plant efficiency. Robert Golightly reports

Designing with obsolescence in mind

Tech life cycles are becoming shorter. This means it is important for product designers to plan in advance for component obsolescence to maximise the life span of their products. Jonathan Wilkins discusses his considerations for designing for obsolescence

Generation Z vs the machine

Stephen Parker discusses the fear of automation and explains how businesses can use technology to enhance jobs rather than replace them

Machine learning and graph technology

Social networking tools and graph technology can map and extract insights between entities in a network. Jonathan Wilkins looks at how both can be used to make sense of big data in the manufacturing industry

Improving enterprise through operations intelligence suite

Siemens is expanding its range of industrial management software for the process industries with the release of its XHQ Operations Intelligence platform

Resistor choppers slow overspeeding fans

Usually, fans do not need a braking resistor and chopper. However, when operating in a closed system, fans are at risk of over-speeding, causing the DC voltage on their motor drives to rise. John Mitchell reports

I/O blocks enable quicker CC-Link IE network building

CC-Link IE provides gigabit bandwidth so that large amounts of data can be transmitted very quickly

Engineering versus IT: a perfect storm for manufacturing

The worlds of engineering and IT are banding together. Manufacturing is becoming more IT focussed and this is accelerating the cycle of product obsolescence. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Flexible options for control cabinet mounting

Fibox has engineered the ARCA IEC series for high utility, durability, and excellent usability

Water-cooled power controller offers extended lifespan

Suitable for industrial ovens and heating equipment in the process, automation and plating industries

The crucial scope of plant scheduling

When industry leaders look to gain every possible competitive advantage in business, scheduling is a key area that needs to be given greater precedence. Roch Gauthier reports

Trending tech for remote access

In the manufacturing industry the use of apps is becoming a more common way to access information. Jonathan Wilkins compares industrial apps to browser based alternatives

Good vibrations: Tuning into food metal detection frequencies

Metallic inclusions are the number one contaminant in food products, causing product quality and consumer safety issues. Phil Brown looks at the technologies behind effective metal detection, explains the three key frequency options and why it is essential to select the correct frequency for your food application

The bigger, the better?

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the advantages and challenges of both small and large companies in industry

The risks of replacement

Darren Halford challenges the outdated perceptions of sourcing obsolete industrial technology.



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