Linear actuator incorporates linear motor and guide

A new Copley Servotube Module is available with integral linear motor, bearing rail, cable management and optional encoder

Sub-Miniature 10mm and 15mm valve manifolds

Small, compact sub-miniature manifolds are designed for use with Clippards 10 and 15mm solenoid valve series

Electrically insulated bearings prevent damages by electro corrosion

NKE Austria offers electrically insulated bearings which provide optimum protection against damages by undesirable passage of currents

Bearings combine benefits of stainless steel and solid lubricant

NSK is now offering stainless steel pillow block and flanged bearing units with Molded Oil solid lubricant technology

Rotary stages offered in manual and motorised variants

LG Motion is offering the LGR range of precision rotary stages in manual and motorised versions for payloads of up to 500kg

Air bearing stage increases throughput

Aerotech says its new PlanarHD air bearing stage benefits from higher travel speed and acceleration, enabling end users to increase throughput by 50 per cent

Shaft couplings now available in carbon fibre

Bibby's Torsiflex shaft couplings for large equipment are now being manufactured from carbon fibre to reduce weight and boost performance

Metering valves cut lubricant consumption by 25 per cent

Schaeffler's RUE-E linear guidance systems can be fitted with metering valves that ensure adequate lubrication without wasting lubricant

Compact gearhead is exceptionally quiet

Maxon's new Koaxdrive KD 32 uses a worm-formed motor pinion and planetary gearing to deliver high torque and power with very low noise levels

Redesigned ball bearings deliver improved performances

Schaeffler is launching the Generation C FAG deep-groove ball bearings that offer 35 per cent less friction and 50 per cent less noise

Precision non-ball lead screws and custom nuts

Kerk lead screws can be designed to self-lock and prevent back driving, unlike traditional ball screws

Magnetic clutches provide non-contact power transmission

Misumi is introducing non-contact, low-wear, TM magnetic clutches for applications where particle generation must be minimised

Electric cylinder is compact and versatile

SMAC's new CAL36 high-performance and cost-effective electric cylinder provides users with independent control of position, speed and force

Chains suit food and beverage applications

New Flexon Flat Top chains and Modular Belts from Iwis are aimed primarily at conveying applications in the food and beverage packaging industries

Hybrid vehicles: low-torque ball bearings

NSK Ltd claims a 50–65 per cent improvement in frictional loss compared with conventional bearings

Planetary gearheads boast high capacity and quiet operation

Thomson's new Xtrue planetary gearheads are offered in a wide range of sizes, torque capacities and reduction ratios, all offering high performance and low noise

Heavy-duty slide carries cantilevered loads with ease

Techno's improved Heavy-Duty Slide 2 handles heavier cantilevered loads and offers the additional benefit of longer travel with shorter overall lengths



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