Simple torque overload protection

Mechanical overload can be a leading cause of equipment failure. Saint Gobain offers a way of handling torque overload conditions in power tools

Renewed interest in CVT in vehicles

Continuously variable transmissions have been used in niche vehicle and machinery applications for decades, but have never become as popular as their benefits might suggest. Paul Stevens reports on some of the latest developments in this field, many of which are inspired by a desire to improve energy efficiency

Emergency touch down bearings for magnetic bearing systems

Magnetic bearings proving popular alternative to mechanical systems

Steel belts shine for solar cell systems

Sets of up to seven belts between 10 and 30mm wide are used, some perforated for vacuum, others with coatings and also some without vacuum holes

Cylindrical roller bearings reduce weight in wind turbines

Cylindrical roller bearings have improved reliability

20° pressure angle precision gears

New series of stainless steel gears from QTC features the Fairloc Integral Fastening System which eliminates marred shafts

Liquid crystals overcome friction

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute are investigating how liquid crystals could be far more effective than conventional lubricants at eliminating friction

Gears improve performance of rack-and-pinion drives

Specialist KRP+ reduction gears from Redex Andantex are designed for rack-and-pinion drive applications demanding higher torsional and axial rigidity

Plain bearing provided with adjustable preload

Igus has included a 'turn-to-fit' function on its new Drylin W linear guide to enable clearance and preload to be adjusted manually to suit the application

Linear actuator for restricted space handling tasks

Offers machine builders and design engineers a compact modular unit that is suitable for both single and multi-axis linear automation systems

New needle bearing cam followers

Feature hardened and ground outer race and low-carbon alloy steel hardened studs and inner races, says Quality Bearings and Components

LVDTs suit high-frequency measurement tasks

New spring-return LVDTs from RDP Electronics feature a high spring rate and low moving mass so measurements can be made at rates up to 1000Hz

Spherical roller bearings offer performance improvements

X-life versions of Schaeffler Group's FAG E1 spherical roller bearings offer up to 60 per cent longer life, plus higher load ratings and limiting speeds

Self-lubricating bearings are corrosion-resistant

NSK is introducing Life-Lube bearing units that are suitable for use in harsh environments and those where frequent washdowns are required

Roller chain drives offer longer life, even in harsh environments

Roller chains have evolved a long way since Leonardo da Vinci sketched his ideas in the 16th century and Hans Renold invented bush roller chain in 1880. Jon Severn takes a look at some of the latest developments in power transmission and conveyor chains, as well as chain attachments and chain-monitoring sensors

Self-aligning bearings cope with axial displacement

SKF is launching a self-aligning bearing system that uses a toroidal roller bearing and a spherical roller bearing to avoid problems with axial displacement

All-in-one unit combines linear slide and actuator

New from Haydonkerk Motion Solutions is a unit that combines a Kerk RGS linear slide with Haydon Motodrive PDE actuator

Ball bearings benefit from 30 per cent less friction

SKF's new E2 bearings have a lower frictional moment, which means that they can help to save energy in a variety of applications



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