Belt drives: offering alternatives for machine tools

David Clark explores the advances that belt drives present to users and designers of machine tools

Strengthening the weak link in the chain for asphalt pavers

Chain and sprocket set specifically designed for Material Tranfer Device

Offset adjustment for energy chains with floating tow-arm

Suitable for a variety of applications, includining ‘ship-to-shore’ container cranes where the system can accommodates for play in the trolley wheels and rails

New multi-million dollar alternator production facility

Cummins Generator Technologies announces new production facility for Stamford P8o alternator range

Gear unit range brings increased performance

Spinea’s TwinSpin high precision gear reducer is improved with new G-series

Advanced bearings cut life costs of dry vacuum pumps

Bearings are key components in dry vacuum pumps – their reliability and operating life have a significant effect on pump operating costs. Nick Dowding discusses how bearings can play a pivotal role in reducing whole life costs of dry vacuum pumps

Bakery saves €27,000 per year with new bearings

Producer was experiencing failures every six weeks with approximately 36 bearings being replaced every year

Bearing design for electric motors

Tony Synnott explains how bearing design is affecting electric motor performance and reliability

Robot mannequin test protective suits

Allows tests of how protective clothing stands up to such action without exposing the wearer to the dangerous substances

Optimum damping through hydraulic resistance

Hydro bushings offer more driving comfort than traditional bush bearings

Permanent bearing protection

Inpro/Seal’s sealing solution for gearbox based on the VBXX-D Bearing Isolator

Belt drive optimisation and energy saving

David Clark reveals how to ensure belt drives are efficient and economical

What’s the damage?

Malcolm Watson and Tony Synnott discuss common causes of bearing damage and the effects that damaged bearings can have on machinery and production equipment, and provide some advice on how damage can be prevented

Block concept shortens assembly times

Ruppel Hydraulik developed a control block with more than 50 valves for the control console of an item of construction machinery

Wheelset bearings essential to train running

NSK extends the service life of its wheelset bearings for new Intercity Express Programme trains



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