Miniature inductive rotary encoder works with gear teeth

Posic's new ID1101G miniaturised inductive rotary encoder can be readily incorporated within motors or equipment containing gears

Modular single-axis air bearing stages offer high rigidity

New Singulys single-axis air bearing stages from Newport use silicon carbide components to deliver performance advantages over steel or granite designs

Hydraulic-class electric cylinders

MP-Series heavy duty Electric cylinders offer greater flexibility than their hydraulic counterparts

Lube for Life pillow blocks extend life of linear bearings

Thomson is introducing Lube for Life self-lubricating linear bearing pillow blocks that offer the advantages of freedom from maintenance-free and extended operating life

Multi-speed gearbox enhances performance of electric vehicles

Zeroshift has developed a multi-speed gearbox, clutch and control algorithms that together enable electric vehicles to operate more efficiently

Linear pofile guide rail brakes deliver high holding

Nexen's latest spring-engaged/air-released brakes provide a very high clamping force, yet they achieve this without having any effect on the bearing surfaces

Electric actuators: alternative to pneumatic cylinders

Tolomatic ERD actuators deliver forces of up to 334N at speeds of up to 1016mm/s, with the user having control over the speed, acceleration and thrust

Wider range of standard cam clutches now held in stock

Tsubaki is not only extending its range of cam clutches, but its standard models are now available from stocks

Only a few weeks left for OEMs exporting to the US

Time is running out. Energy Independence and Security Act becomes law in December. Are you ready for the consequences? Robin C H Cowley reports

Ovoid gearboxes offered with low-cost absolute encoders

Rotalink's ovoid-style gearboxes are now available with a choice of single- or multi-turn absolute encoders that use non-contact magnetic sensing technology

Linear guides feature patented bearings

Thomson is introducing 413 series linear guides with ball-guided profile rails, patented recirculating bearings and integral lubrication pockets

Compact cubic screw jack offered in 140million configurations

Power Jacks says its new C-Series compact cubic screw jacks have been designed so that customers can configure them to match the application requirements

Novel roller bearings offer high load ratings and low friction

Schaeffler's new roller bearing has a sheet steel cage to give a higher load capacity than conventional caged bearings and lower friction than full-complement bearings

Screw jacks deliver benefits for diverse applications

Screw jacks are sometimes misunderstood and overlooked as a method of creating controllable linear motion. Jon Severn provides an overview of these useful mechanical actuators and takes a look at some recent developments in this field.

Self-lubricating polymer bearings

Polymer materials are composed of a base polymer, fibres and filling material and a solid lubricant

How to maximise the benefits of custom couplings

Custom shaft couplings can be useful for applications where standard products cannot be accommodated. They also offer scope to enhance the design and deliver additional benefits, including improved performance and lower overall costs. Paul Stevens investigates what can be achieved with the current generation of custom shaft couplings



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