Challenges and chances: solutions for the extended energy-efficiency directive

The European Commission has initiated a significant tightening of the energy-efficiency directive for electrical devices, leaving more users of drive technology faced with new challenges

Servomotors bridge gap between stepper and induction motors

New Kollmorgen VLM series servomotors from Heason Technology suit value conscious applications

Ethernet communications capability added to integrated stepper motor/drives

Applied Motion Products has added six integrated drive+motors to its line of Ethernet and EtherNet/IP motion control products

USB stepper motor evaluation kit

Aimed at OEMs and machine builders wishing to assess the many benefits of Arcus’ integrated motor technology

90° mounting for ultra compact drives

Vincotech flow90 0 enables 90-degree mounting for ultra slim bookshelf inverters

Latest models increase torque flange’s capabilities

HBM has launched two new models of its T40B digital torque flange with 50Nm and 100Nm torque measurement ranges making the transducer suitable for a wider range of applications

Plastic recycler goes greener by swapping to AC drives

Recycling plant converts discarded plastic into high density polyethylene (HDPE) pellets. Amaechi Oduah reports

Micro drives – drives that can make a big difference

Compact drives that cover small industry and even household applications. They help improve everyday life by helping reduce noise, save energy, and are so easy to use. Jussi Rantanen reports

Grinding machine produces quality gears

Ondrives Ltd has recently taken receipt of a new gear grinding machine which enables them to gear grind to precise measurements

Motor efficiency depends on logic control

There is more to motors than just switching them on or off. The IEC 61131 standard provides for five general methods, some more textual and some more graphical, according to Boris Sedacca

Mini motors make swarm robots more economical

Researchers at Southampton University have used low-cost motors from mobile phones to create a swarm of miniature robots

IP65 rated step motors

Suitable for applications in wet factory environments such as the food and beverage industry or outdoor use

Custom-tailored high voltage special motors

High voltage squirrel cage motors from Menzel for a fundamental research laboratory

Renewed channel network delivers enhanced quality and availability

Rauno Ahola explains the philosophy behind the new ABB Value Provider Programme, with insight from programme members around the world

Precision involute spline shafts and bearing shafts

Ondrives Ltd has recently launched a range of precision involute spline shafts and bearing shafts

Variable-speed drives cut costs for vehicle parts maker

Standard drive reduced consumption from 75kW to 45kW, giving a saving of around 35 per cent

Environmental engineers grasp the energy nettle

Spiralling energy costs and mandatory compliance with energy-efficiency standards are forcing HVAC and environmental engineers to think hard about minimising their carbon footprint and to focus on air quality and its impact on human health, reports Boris Sedacca



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