Value proposition for manufacturers in three easy steps

Gartner is publishing a report that outlines a three-step process by which manufactures can construct a unique value proposition

Resin developments speed up the automotive production process

Andreas Moser looks at the future of the automotive industry and the latest composite materials technologies

How to manufacture cars and reduce environmental impact

Having made his name as a race car designer in the 1980s, Hugo Spowers left the industry because of concerns about its environmental impact. While studying for an MBA at Cranfield University, he examined the commercial feasibility of hydrogen cars

Interest grows in engineering as a career

Research shows 19 per cent increase in people who would recommend engineering as a career to their children, family or friends

ISO brochure: international standards and private standards

ISO has published a document that explains the differences between its truly international standards and those created by industry groupings

ISO/TR 7250-2:2010 contains latest anthropometric data

ISO has published ISO/TR 7250-2:2010, containing up-to-date statistical summaries of human body measurements from individual ISO populations

European business collaborate on Inclusive Design

A new project led by the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre aims to create a new generation of products and software that everyone will find easier to use

Report identifies technologies to watch

Gartner's Hype Cycle Special Report for 2010 has been published, showing how different technologies are performing relative to expectations

Survey reveals what people want from tomorrow's gadgets

A survey conducted by Cambridge Consultants shows that people want 'solving new problems' and 'ease of use' more than smaller size or higher speed

How do you manage risk when you do not understand it?

Everybody today talks about risk, but do we really understand it? And what level of risk is acceptable? To find out, Jon Severn discussed risk management with James Catmur, a director and the global head of the risk practice at Arthur D Little, and co-author of System Safety: HAZOP and Software HAZOP

Mini-sub to explore ocean depths

First dive will be into the Pacific's Mariana Trench, which goes down to 36,201 feet

Why designers should pay more attention to ergonomic issues

Far from being unimportant compared with a product or machine's function, good ergonomics can deliver a number of business benefits

Brunel and Dyson pip Gates and Jobs as biggest engineering pioneers

Survey shows engineering appeals to a new generation of young minds; impact on society seen as a bigger influence than salary and career

How to manage a world speed record project

Nigel Macknight is the initiator and leader of the Quicksilver World Water Speed Record Challenge project, and he will also take the controls of the craft for its trials, development runs and record attempts. Jon Severn discussed with him some of the management issues that arise when leading a project that breaks many of the rules normally applied in the field of engineering

Weak pricing cuts profits by 25 per cent, global study reveals

Pricing study sheds light on the profit culture and pricing know-how around the globe and across industries

A glimpse of a robotic future

Robot animals, a self-driving car and a super-sensing helmet that could help save firefighters' lives

Career stability 'may be history'

Money and lifestyle issues driving a wave of career change for UK engineering professionals

VIDEO: What is social media – and what are the benefits to your business?

Video covers the basics about what it is and how to use it to best effect for marketing in a business-to-business context



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