Half of UK engineers have lost confidence in government engineering policy

Two in five say it is very possible they will work abroad in the next five years, survey says

UK engineering firms lack clear insight into business critical information

Many firms are either working with old systems or even using dozens of individual spreadsheets for compiling and analysing crucial resource data. Neil Davidson reports

A 'job for life’ is no longer relevant for today’s skilled workers

Everyday perks beat job security for modern workers; skilled employees hold power in jobs market

Siemens Stiftung launches 50,000 EUR 'empowering people' competition

Low-cost simple technologies that will promote sustainable development in some of the world’s poorest regions

Global warming: new research puts the blame on economic growth

Researchers assessed impact of four factors on short-run, year-to-year changes in atmospheric concentrations of CO₂

Development charity launches recruitment drive for engineering professors

Volunteers will teach as well as train their academic peers in Ethiopia, says Voluntary Service Overseas

Electric motors may never look the same again

Justin Levine, the managing director of Parvalux Electric Motors, is an aeronautical engineer with a passion for motorbikes and a sharp insight into the market for industrial automation and control products

Silicon shortage prompts strategy changes

Suppliers of photovoltaic cells realign their business structures and strategies and to seek alternative raw materials

Global market for DCS shows no sign of slowing

End users and engineering and procurement firms are increasingly looking to automation suppliers to provide them with automation project execution capabilities

Upgrade minimises disruption for gas terminal

Responsible for transporting offshore gas to shore; receiving the gas onshore; processing the gas to UK National Grid; delivering the gas to shippers

An insider's view of creating new international engineering standards

Within the context of a diminishing role for national standards, Jon Severn discusses the influence of international standardisation with Ronnie Amit, the general secretary and chief executive officer of the International Electrotechnical Commission

Engineering sector calls for calm

Chartered Management Institute says engineering sectors' business leaders believe that the pressure to act has increased, but that any temptation to make knee-jerk reactions must be curbed

Design guidelines to help improve inclusivity

ISO has developed data and guidelines to help ensure products, services and environments can be used by the elderly and disabled

Using invisibility to increase visibility

Researchers tackle the seemingly intractable problem of optical singularities which could lead to manufacturing a perfect cat’s eye

‘Budget bashes’ dominate the festive season

Employers in UK engineering sector continue to celebrate Christmas, despite credit crunch, says Chartered Management Institute

Nine per cent pay increase in spite of recession in interim management

But first market slowdown recorded since 2000 with 11 per cent drop in assignments; younger interims and interims in their 60s losing out to interims in their 40s and 50s

From kettle controls to a clock which tells the time in a new way

Dr John C Taylor is the inventor whose kettle controls are used one billion times every day. He has also invented a new type of clock with concentric rings of vernier slits that expose lights to indicate the time. Jon Severn met Dr Taylor to discuss the process of invention and the Corpus Clock

Workaholics now working two-six hours a week in bed

Survey uncovers a staggering number of obsessed workers are taking their laptops to bed, much to their partners annoyance

Magnetism is involved in the mechanism behind high temperature superconductivity

Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) have found evidence that magnetism is involved in the mechanism behind high temperature superconductivity.



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