Probes for moon investigations

Three probes have been fired into sand to simulate the conditions that instruments will have to survive a lunar landing

Sun-readable operator panel systems

Interface can be rotated and tilted

Guiding engineers to help disabled and older people

Aimed at engineers and technicians to make the accessible ICT systems they design and manufacture more useable by disabled and older people

Improved security for RJ45 ports

Each device uses an auto-lock mechanism that locks automatically when it is inserted into the jack; a key is only needed to remove it

Ensuring accurate feel to power steering

Intelligent unit with all the necessary signal processing electronics built into its main body, giving it a plug-and-go capability

Encoder and incremental encoder in one device

Possible to implement simultaneously both positioning via the CAN network and direct feedback of the speed – all in just one encoder

Shedding light on achieving a semiconductor accuracy of 32nm

Advances in extreme ultra violet lithography

Wireless foot switch system provides linear speed control

Linemaste's infrared linear wireless foot switch system provides linear speed control for a wide variety of applications

Submersible pressure sensors achieve high precision

The new KTE2000CS submersible pressure sensors from Sensortechnics offer high precision for liquid level measurement applications

Smart, ultra-small infrared thermometer

Temperature resolution of 0.02°C; high absolute accuracy of ±0.1°C in the critical temperature range of 36°C to 39°C

Intelligent pressure gauge suits UHP gases

Wika is introducing n new Intelligauge dial pressure gauge with analogue signal output that is suitable for use with ultra-high-purity gases

Operator panel in widescreen format

A new operator panel from Siemens uses a 4.3inch widescreen touch screen to deliver more information while retaining compact overall dimensions

Analogue-style meter combined with precision of digital readout

Overcomes some of the traditional problems associated with the moving coil meters, such as poor low light visibility

Single-purpose devices can be internet-enabled

Cambridge Consultants is introducing a new platform that enables low-cost, single-purpose devices to be equipped with internet and location technologies

Securing industrial control systems against threat of cyber infection

We are all aware of the need to protect desktop computers from viruses and other malware, but what about industrial systems? Alistair Rae explains that these are generally less well protected, yet a malicious attack or an infection with malware can have devastating results. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the risks

Torque sensor helps to reduce engine friction

Measures radio frequency waves generated by surface acoustic wave devices fixed to a rotating shaft and converts them to a torque measurement

Hall-effect switches are more repeatable

Allegro Microsystems Europe says its new A1120, A1220 and A1221 Hall-effect switches and latches offer superior switching repeatability

Encoders can replace glass scales

DRO package includes its linear encoders that utilise an inductive technology, namely Spherosyn and Microsyn



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