Find out the true cost of potentiometers

Potentiometers are still, by far, the most commonly used position sensor. They are widely seen as the low cost solution for many position sensing applications. But is their reputation for low cost justified? Mark Howard takes a holistic view on the cost of potentiometers

0rganic light emitting diodes capture the market

Voltage is applied to organic semiconductor materials, the electric energy (current) is converted and light of an engineerable wavelength is generated

Stepper-controlled proportional valve

Clippard's high-flow 2/2 stepper-controlled proportional valve is suitable in critical applications such as gas delivery, medical, analytical

Factory automation: closing the 'last metre'

Daniel Heining explains how a smart interface can close the 'last metre' gap in factory automation

Co-ordinate measurement: quick product to market response

Design engineers are increasingly turning to co-ordinate measurement and additive layer manufacturing techniques to bring products quickly to market. Boris Sedacca reports on the latest techniques to speed up data capture and 3D desktop CAD design

Ruggedised 300W 3U compactPCI power supplies

Conformal coating make them suitable for extreme industrial, MIL/COTS and marine applications

Wireless wind speed sensor

Anemometer design is based on Mantracourt’s T24 2.4Ghz wireless technology

3D laser scanners offer higher performance

A new Photon series of 3D laser scanners is claimed to offer greater clarity, better accuracy and higher sensitivity

Laser diode modules suit power-hungry work

New models of blue-violet laser diode modules from Photonic Products deliver higher power outputs of 35mW and 60mW

Infrared linear wireless foot switch system

Transmitter is completely waterproof (IP68 standard), which allows the user to submerge the foot switch for cleaning

Intuitive CAD makes it easy to modify models

Spaceclaim Professional 2008 enables models from most CAD systems to be modified at will, regardless of the original design intent

Detect smaller objects at greater distances

A diffuse laser sensor is capable of detecting 0.1mm targets at a distance of 150mm - or 0.6mm objects at 600mm

Photoelectric sensors 'set new standard'

Diffuse background suppression photoelectric sensors are said to offer exceptional performance in compact package

Probes for moon investigations

Three probes have been fired into sand to simulate the conditions that instruments will have to survive a lunar landing

Sun-readable operator panel systems

Interface can be rotated and tilted

Guiding engineers to help disabled and older people

Aimed at engineers and technicians to make the accessible ICT systems they design and manufacture more useable by disabled and older people



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