Distance and profile measurement using blue lasers

Erich Winkler and Christian Kämmerer look at the advantages of using blue lasers in industrial measurement

Thermal imaging and dimensional measurement of microelectronics

Chris Jones discusses how the latest thermal imaging cameras and confocal displacement sensors are helping companies inspect a variety of electronic devices, circuit boards and MEMS

Wide aspect ratio 12.3in Rugged+ TFT display

8:3 aspect ratio enables unique designs for variety of applications

2D/3D laser profile scanner for automation

Micro-Epsilon has developed an extremely compact, lightweight laser profile scanner, he scanCONTROL 2600/2900 optoelectronic sensor

Sign of the times

Ronan Lavelle shows how electronics and engineering designers can save time and money with digital signatures

3D smart snapshot sensors

Feature an integral structured blue LED light projection illumination source with stereo scanning technology

Lightweight pistol grip for field use

Suitable for ambient light remote sensing applications which require fibre optic data collection

X-ray inspection

Nordson DAGE NT has maintenance-free, sealed transmissive X-ray tube, providing 0.1µm feature recognition and up to 10W of power

Testing materials for weathering

Atlas Material Testing Technology announces a new weathering instrument suitable for performing accelerated testing on a variety of materials

Camera sees beyond human vision in multi-spectral 'colour'

Improves remote sensing, intelligence, biomedical, industrial sorting and authentication applications

Infrared windows: the design scope is huge

Designers of electrical panels and electro-mechanical systems are embracing infrared windows with open arms. Martin Robinson explains reasons for this

Analogue visualisation steers 3D design

Design engineers do not think digitally - they think in terms of size, shapes and attributes, and even mathematical symbols in some cases. Whereas in the past they would have needed to write programs in languages like Fortran and C, modern software tools allow them to visualise their designs in terms they understand argues Boris Sedacca

Flush-mount LCD digital panel meter

Dwyer Instruments' Model DPMF Flush Mount LCD Digital Panel Meter is designed with a 3-1/2 digit, high contrast LCD display

Mobile label printer

Designed to resist dust and water and with its rubber over-mould construction prepared to withstand 5ft drop

Small industrial subracks for control cabinets

Mounting brackets of the subrack feature keyholes for easy fixing to the mounting plate on which appropriate bolts or screws are provided



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