X-ray inspection system for diamond processing operation

System will be installed to screen employees as they enter and leave the processing facilities to ensure that diamonds are not removed from the site unlawfully

Fully automated SCADA system for water and wastewater treatment

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality upgrades its SCADA for all water and wastewater treatment operations

Rubber/metal grates for gold mine

Materials experts have developed a new rubber/metal grate that improved safety, increased production and achieved approximately 60 per cent longer life than metal grates

'Augmented reality' for the mining industry

Software brings together 3D modelling, laser scanning and handheld communication devices, allowing operations to effectively monitor excavation progress by comparing actual surfaces against designs

Level meter for liquids and solids

Dynamic parasitic rejection technology eliminates false reflections from disturbances and product build-up

Longwall shearer designed for low- and medium-height seams

The EL 1000 will feature massive, one-piece-mainframe construction, exchangeable modular components, advanced automation

Optical encoders for hazardous areas

Posital introduces Ex 'd' units for mining and surface industries

Conduit systems for hazardous areas

Protect and connect critical power and data cabling in many different industries, including oil and gas, mining and food production

Cranes take the strain

Mining Machinery Developments (MMD) has undertaken a multi-million pound factory expansion featuring new cranes from Street Crane Company

Taking the 'wonder' away

Developments in mine communications tend to be based on widespread computer communications in digital form and employ Wi-Fi

Longwall systems supplied to four mines

US$300 million is being invested in mines in the USA’s Appalachia region

Shock and ore: tough and reliable drive systems get things moving

When building a materials handling or processing machine for mining the first requirements are 'toughness' and 'durability'

Overcoming bearing failures

NSK's Asset Improvement Programme (AIP) has achieved 10-times bearing life

Solvent extraction: new aqueous coalescing technology

The goal was simple: demonstrate both low cost and effective coalescence of entrained organic to improve performance of dual-media filters; and provide a standalone solution for raffinate

Easy-service rig

Caterpillar's Unit Rig MT4400D AC Mining Truck as part of its ongoing investment in the Unit Rig products acquired through the acquisition of Bucyrus International

Software meets modern mining demands

Users can quickly generate grade tonnage curves at varying scales or material classifications

Mining solution offers more sensitive and precise light element analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific is introducing a combination of portable technologies in a single package



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