Get it sorted

Kai Bartram looks at the use of sensor sorting technology in the mining industry and how it can to 'unlock' additional value from the minerals

Continuous checks for continuous production

Remote monitoring of the condition and location of equipment and workers is an integral part of mine automation and control, but in any efficient operation it is important to know the activities on important assets. Maurice Jones reports

Twin drivers to productivity

Remote-control of a wide range of mining equipment can be adopted correctly at various levels of sophistication, with the twin benefits of both improved safety and productivity. Maurice Jones reports

Copper mine record

Swedish mining company Boliden has set a new production record at its Aitik copper mine

One set-up, many holes

Efficient exploratory drilling is one of the most important tasks in the whole mining process. Maurice Jones reports

Crane gets a lift from slipring motors

A slipring motor is a wound rotor induction machine in which the coils of the rotor are terminated in slip rings to which external impedances can be connected

Coal terminal expansion

BMT is collaborating with Adani Mining Pty Ltd to design the expansion at the Adani Abbot Point Coal Terminal at Abbot Point, north of Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Gearboxes deliver up to 1.5m Nm of torque

Bauer has launched a new Industrial Drive Applications service, which offers a huge range of torque figures and reduction ratios from a variety of gearing arrangements

Solids pumping for profit flow

Maurice Jones reports on advantages and disadvantages of long-distance mineral transport

Noise management

Noise Sentinel has been used at tunnelling and construction projects, mines, ports, industrial premises

Pumps aid the recovery of rare industrial mineral

Chemical reagents metered include methyl isobutyl carbinol, sodium isopropyl xanthate, sodium carbonate

Geo-processing and data conversion

Software package provides a single user interface for digitising, geo-referencing, re-projection, viewing and overlaying data, and mosaicking imagery

Unmanned aerial vehicles for mining applications

The Aibotix Aibot X6 and SwissDrones Dragon 35 are the new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from Leica Geosystems Mining

Production record set at copper mine

144,912 tons of ore passed through the plant at Boliden's Aitik copper mine in Sweden

X-ray inspection system for diamond processing operation

System will be installed to screen employees as they enter and leave the processing facilities to ensure that diamonds are not removed from the site unlawfully

Fully automated SCADA system for water and wastewater treatment

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality upgrades its SCADA for all water and wastewater treatment operations

Rubber/metal grates for gold mine

Materials experts have developed a new rubber/metal grate that improved safety, increased production and achieved approximately 60 per cent longer life than metal grates

Level meter for liquids and solids

Dynamic parasitic rejection technology eliminates false reflections from disturbances and product build-up



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