Impressive results from quarry project

The Electric Site research project is near Gothenburg, Sweden

New electric-drive mine trucks

These have a 320 or a 400 ton capacity

Horokiwi Quarry being used to source rock for asphalt

Major road infrastructure work is under way in Horokiwi, New Zealand, and Bryce O’Sullivan Contracting is busy sourcing rock for asphalt at the Horokiwi Quarry with the help of two articulated haulers

Direct optimal monitoring methods benefit mining applications

Carl J Kamme reveals how mining applications can benefit from direct optical monitoring methods

Turboplast M ropes help break records in Slovakian mining

Christian Schorr-Golsong reports on record-breaking ropes that have even surpassed their creators’ expectations

Automation and remote control technologies improve performance of mines

Adele Huard & Gabriel Janakaraj explore how the development of innovative technology has enhanced operations in metals mining

Chrome mining in Madagascar improving the lives of local villagers

A team of excavators is the centrepiece of a new mining venture in Madagascar that is extracting thousands of tonnes of chromite ore a day – and helping improve the lives of neighbouring villagers at the same time

Wirtgens surface miners get to work in Texas and Mexico

Erik Zimmermann explains how two surface miners are bringing light to South Texas and Northern Mexico

UAVs reduce risk in modern mining operations

A real-world case study from a copper mine in Kazakhstan showcases the merits of UAVs in modern mining operations

Improving safety surveying in mining

A real-world case study from a copper mine in Kazakhstan showcases the merits of UAVs in modern mining operations

Modern pump technology in Zambia helps save $1m US Dollars

Tyron Adam reports on how a beneficiation plant in Zambia has saved US$1 million deploying modern, simplified pump technology

Increase in wire rope life for drum and friction winders

Christian Schorr-Golsong details a ‘quantum jump’ in wire rope life for drum and friction winders

Drone safety being driven by the mining industry

Internationally renowned drones expert Robert Garbett explores how mining technology is driving the evolution of the drone industry

Collaboration improves limestone quarry performance

The site in South East Missouri has worked with its machine supplier to tweak operations

Swedish cement quarry goes emissions-free

The Vikan Kross quarry will run a ten week feasibility project to examine electrification

Generator set upgrade for ocean going diamond miner

The Debmar Pacific which works the seas around Namibia will see its specific fuel oil consumption reduced

Mining truck gets fuel economy and speed boost

New transmission comes with eight forward gears and four reverse, higher overall ratio spread and optimised shifting under partial load

New autonomous wheel loader concept

Amazingly this collaboration between Volvo and Lego has led to number of potentially revolutionary patents



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