Problem-Free Pumping With Lobe Pumps

The low NPSHr value of two compact rotary lobe pumps ensures precise and reliable decantation of water from a vacuum tank, explains Roger Willis

How To Avoid Downtime Due To Vibration

Jamie Hutchinson reveals how primary crusher foundations were saved by polymeric concrete solutions

The Challenges Facing The Mining Industry

Tilman Speer examines the challenges facing the mining industry, and highlights the importance of efficient local support and repair services



How to dewater a gold mine

Roger Willis describes how special materials that ensure wear- and corrosion-resistance were put to good use when a robust unit was needed to dewater a gold mine

Fuel management technology improves cost-effectiveness

Marco Wirth reveals the intelligent fuel management technology that’s improving cost-effectiveness and impressing operators

Industrial Internet of Things helps shape the future of mining

How the Industrial Internet of Things is shaping the future of mining

Vertical turbine sulphuric acid pump increases time between maintenance

Benoît Martin explains how a vertical turbine sulphuric acid pump increases mean time between maintenance

Innovative coating prevents corrosion of steel hoppers exposed to moisture

Innovative coating prevents corrosion of steel hoppers and other mining equipment exposed to moisture, salt and abrasion

Data communications support effective mining operations in Czech Republic

Robust and reliable data communications support effective mining operations at Vršany Lom in the Czech Republic

A helping hand

Immediate support thanks to Augmented Reality

Advances In Materials Handling In Mines

Re-engineering transfer points to remove the maintenance headache

Makover for mine equipment

By devising a comprehensive upgrade programme, a Chilean mine has improved the availability of its VPA filters by 15%

Simulation scheme for smarter working

Hanna Hall presents a case study on the positive impact that systematic training of equipment operators and maintenance personnel can have on efficiency

Leadership in maintenance

Torbjorn Idhammar from IDCON asks you to consider what you believe in when it comes to maintenance

Clean diesel from the start of the supply chain

Emissions legislation is placing the focus on clean diesel upstream of the distribution channel



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