Waste to Energy

LPG spike gives BioSNG a boost

The world’s first commercial BioSNG plant is set to process 10,000 tonnes of waste per year

Arsenal scores with stadium recycling

Sustainable waste management has been a key element in club's environmental strategy

Converting low temperature waste factory heat to electricity

System uses Organic Rankine Cycle technology to generate electrical power



Waste-to-energy market is booming

Waste management in Europe is no longer a haulage and disposal business. The legislative shifts of the past decade have seen major moves towards the implementation of advanced technology and innovative recycling solutions

Energy from waste: a wasted opportunity?

Institution of Mechanical Engineers claims that the potential of waste as a resource for energy production is being ignored

Advanced biological waste treatment facility opens

New Earth Solutions open advanced biological waste treatment facility as commissioned by local authority in UK

Energy improvement: look at the big picture for real savings

Russell Page examines how a holistic approach to energy improvement can deliver real savings

Air-air heat exchangers save costs

Rittal's new air-air heat exchangers offer multiple long-term benefits over alternative refrigerant-based air conditioners for electrical enclosures

Flowmeter for biomass fermentation

Biogas flow must be measured at several points in the system to provide operators with critical information for optimal gas production, control and reporting


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