Renewable Energy

Technology to help us tackle climate change

From 3D printed homes to urban farming various interesting projects are underway around the world using new materials and techniques

Hydrogen fuelling stations get on-site evaluation testing equipment

Rapid assessment of new fuelling stations accelerates them coming online

Award-winning approach to exploration

‘Exploration Company of the Year’ award bestowed on San Leon



Power to Gas in Sweden: location under investigation

Sweden to decide on location for new Power to Gas pilot plant

Cargo ship runs on wind power

Technology can tow cargo vessels and superyachts, reducing fuel consumption by 10 to 35 per cent on annual average

Heat pumps for university building

Pumps will be accompany other renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic cells, which will convert sun's light into electricity

Energy-efficient chokes for inverters in wind turbines

The low-loss chokes stand out through their maintenance-free design and long service life, says SMP

Novel pumping technology operates by using solar energy or waste heat

Various applications could benefit from a new pumping technology, ranging from domestic central heating circulator pumps to irrigation systems in developing countries. Jon Severn reports on the Non-Inertive Feedback Thermofluidic Engine (NIFTE) that is currently under development

Bearings increase reliability and performance of gearboxes

High capacity cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbines will give added load carrying capacity, more reliability and longer life gearboxes for wind applications

Legislation key to integrated photovoltaics growth

The European Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) market is showing great investment and growth potential as it spreads through Europe.

Record-breaking wind-powered car gives a glimpse of the future

Just as the Formula 1 technologies of today filter down into the production cars of tomorrow, so Richard Jenkins, the designer of the wind-powered Greenbird, believes the technologies behind his record-breaking vehicle could herald a new era of environmentally-friendly transportation

Fuel for thought: how to meet the growing demands of industry

Research and development is the cornerstone of any fuel's development programme. Here, Vincent Tertois outlines how Shell is developing new formulations to meet the needs of industry and private customers

Novel chip material could hold 50 times more data

Researchers have developed an innovative doped ceramic that could be used for higher-density data storage

Low-loss inductive components for solar power inverters

Core materials made of powder composites with low magnetostriction that have been purpose-designed

Researchers to develop energy-harvesting mat

Morgan Technical Ceramics and Glyndwr University are undertaking a project to develop a mat that can harvest energy from people walking across it

Climate change policy - first mover advantage for what benefit?

Simon W Holden reports on how the UK is attempting to lead the way in the fight against global warming



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