Motors and Drives

Merits of DC technology

DC drives regenerate energy under braking without the need for complex intermediate storage or power bridges

AC drives registration service launched

Drive registration service via smart device app and online now available

Dc motors deliver high performance and efficiency for electric motorcycles

Dc motors are increasing in popularity due to their performance advantages over ac motors for applications ranging from high-speed automation to electric motorbikes. Jon Severn reports on a selection of recent developments in dc motors and drives



Inverter range caters for variable torque applications

Available in a number of designs, including IP55 variants of the QD:E and QD:CT PLUS that are suited to harsh environments

Small drives can mean big energy savings on production lines

Saving energy on a large scale therefore is not rocket science, one area that is equally as simple, but in many instances is being overlooked is small motors and small drives, often driving continuous process items such as fans, pumps and compressors

Monitoring motor vibration: it can harm both energy and efficiency

Monitoring programmes can give early warning of vibration problems. Vince Burson reports

Efficient gearboxes ensure reduced energy consumption at sewage works

Recent energy price rises and a growing awareness of its carbon footprint has prompted Scottish Water to audit the efficiency of the equipment at its Glendevon site

Energy-saving conveyor chains from Tsubaki

Tsubaki is launching Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain with integral roller bearings in the chain, and Double Plus conveyor chain that has a speed multiplier effect

Holistic energy saving strategy unites production and the environment

A holistic and practical approach to satisfy today's energy saving requirements can deliver more than just cutting waste and improving efficiency for manufacturing industries

Eco-design directive: does it go far enough on carbon reduction?

New mandatory efficiency levels for electric motors will drive down carbon emission, says Marek Lukaszczyk

Variable speed drives promote wind power in urban areas

Permanent magnet motors are synchronous machines, designed to drive low speed applications directly, without a gearbox

Boosting the life of bearings

Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator is a two part dynamic seal consisting of a stator, most commonly press-fitted into the bearing housing


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