Ultra pure water system for solar cell fabrication

GE to supply SunPower-AUO new joint venture solar cell fabrication plant in Malaysia with an ultra pure water system

Asia Pacific photovoltaic markets expected to grow 85 per cent in 2010

Japanese and Chinese markets at the forefront in the region this year, says Solarbuzz

Bio-ethanol: motors process wheat and beet syrup

WEG technology contributes to the production of sustainable fuel in Europe

Feeding the national grid

The UK's feed-in tariff has been created to provide an incentive for energy producers to invest in renewable energy sources, which are more expensive to produce than traditional fossil fuels

Processing system for clean burning bio-fuel

Manufacturer develops distributed skid system for the commercial production of bio-diesel

Budget 'delivers boost for UK engineers'

Picture is particularly positive for engineers working in renewable energy, say engineering recruitment specialists

High quality photovoltaic installations at a low cost

Increasing automation in module manufacturing is cutting the cost of photovoltaic installations

£1.6m wind energy centre to develop technologies of tomorrow

Researchers will initially focus on technology to monitor the condition of offshore gearboxes

Inline wet bench for wafer and cell manufacturers

With a small system footprint and wide process window, FlexTool offers batch-size testing

Asian power behemoths drive world electricity demand

Renewable energy to be widely adopted, while coal remains the dominant fuel source

Current transducers have operating temperature range of -40 to 105°C

LEM’s CTSR current transducers combine safety and high performance in solar installations

Impact assessment for potential pilot park for floating wind turbine

Xodus Group to carry out environmental study for Statoil for potential floating offshore wind pilot park

19.4 per cent efficiency for solar photovoltaic cell

ISFH says this efficiency level is record-breaking among Cz-silicon solar cells using a screen printing metallisation process

Hybrid schemes feature in solar investments

Among many new investments in solar technology are a number of hybrid schemes - including combined cycle gas plants and wind farms

Keeping solar park on track

Park contains 500m2 solar cells that will provide approximately 90,000kWh every year

Large space structure manufacturing a step closer

Solar sails or antenna reflectors could be manufactured in space, says Magna Parva



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