Turning up the heat on energy from waste

Energy from waste (efw) facilities must utilise their heat potential to maximise both efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions savings

The future role of fossil power generation

Andreas Pickard examines what the integration of renewable energy into the European power generation market means for the design and construction of new power plants

Training for thermo solar power plants engineers

Torresol Energy will use Honeywell’s UniSim OTS to train the plants operators and engineers

Construction completes on wind turbine blade test facility

Designed to test the longer blades being developed for larger offshore turbines

Optimised output for photovoltaic power plants

Siemens expands range of central inverters with Sinvert PVS 600Series

Under pressure to reduce power

Sterling-SIHI launches another multistage pump to reduce whole life cost

World first for full scale autoclaving with wet AD

A sustainable waste treatment facility in the UK is set to become the first in the world to apply full scale autoclave processing to wet advanced anaerobic digestion. Stephen Barnes reports

Assessing the impact of waves

Fluid-structure interaction allows designers to assess the impact of waves on freshwater and offshore systems, Richard Grant reports

A place in the sun

Digital prototyping solutions enable users to design, visualise and simulate products both rapidly and cost-effectively through digital models and prototypes

Growth predicted at 12 per cent for world wind turbine market

Predictions of healthy investment in wind turbine technology are being borne out by the number of major projects being both commissioned and ordered

Are tariff changes forcing the sun to go down on the solar industry?

Vicky Kenrick looks at the impact of the UK government's Feed in Tariff (FiT), which aims to increase the level of renewable energy used in the UK by businesses and households

Light-absorbing materials cut solar power cost

Scientists are researching new ways of harnessing the sun’s rays that could eventually make it cheaper for people to use solar energy to power their homes

Jatropha: could this be the crop to power the future of biofuels?

Millions of hectares of contiguous equatorial wasteland will soon produce a crop that offers solutions where other biofuels face questions. Drake Calvin reports

Thermo-photovoltaic cells achieve higher efficiency

Working in collaboration with other teams, researchers from CIP Technologies have developed a new type of high-efficiency thermo-photovoltaic cell

Bio ethanol from waste plant material

Niro's spray drying technology plays major role in treating by-product in new crop friendly bio ethanol production

Old ideas re-examined in race to harness the sun, wind and waves

Researchers are developing innovative forms of alternative energy technology. Drake Calvin takes a look at some of the exciting new examples

Solar solutions for thin-film generation

Thin-film technology enables solar cells to be constructed on flexible substrates, opening up many new opportunities to embed solar power generation

Wind energy: first signs of slowdown

But, say researchers, situation will have positive effects like reduction in turbine prices, the reduction of delivery times of components



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