A place in the sun

Digital prototyping solutions enable users to design, visualise and simulate products both rapidly and cost-effectively through digital models and prototypes

Growth predicted at 12 per cent for world wind turbine market

Predictions of healthy investment in wind turbine technology are being borne out by the number of major projects being both commissioned and ordered

Light-absorbing materials cut solar power cost

Scientists are researching new ways of harnessing the sun’s rays that could eventually make it cheaper for people to use solar energy to power their homes

Jatropha: could this be the crop to power the future of biofuels?

Millions of hectares of contiguous equatorial wasteland will soon produce a crop that offers solutions where other biofuels face questions. Drake Calvin reports

Thermo-photovoltaic cells achieve higher efficiency

Working in collaboration with other teams, researchers from CIP Technologies have developed a new type of high-efficiency thermo-photovoltaic cell

Spain invests to protect against wind turbine grid disturbances

A major Spanish wind farm owner and operator is investing in new technology which overcomes grid disturbances - as research from the same country proposes new solutions to the same issue

Bio ethanol from waste plant material

Niro's spray drying technology plays major role in treating by-product in new crop friendly bio ethanol production

Solar solutions for thin-film generation

Thin-film technology enables solar cells to be constructed on flexible substrates, opening up many new opportunities to embed solar power generation

Wind energy: first signs of slowdown

But, say researchers, situation will have positive effects like reduction in turbine prices, the reduction of delivery times of components

UK energy firms urged to explore low-carbon sector

Country has expertise in planning and project management and is ‘well-placed to leverage these skills in both the construction and ongoing maintenance of new projects’

Solar tracking system for photovoltaic power plants

Tracker also features a real time ‘solar' clock, enabling optimal positioning of both the azimuth/horizontal and tilt axes

Market for PV raw materials to shift in buyers' favour

Global supply of polysilicon is expected to double in 2009, while demand will grow by only 34 per cent, says iSuppli predicts

Innovations for photovoltaic thin-film systems

New flexible photovoltaic systems that can be produced as continuous webs in reel-to-reel processes typically used by converters

Solar market eclipse coming after eight years of growth

After eight consecutive years of growth, global revenue for photovoltaic, panels is expected to plunge by nearly 20 per cent in 2009, according to iSuppli Corp

Laser sources for solar cell production

Laser is an indispensible tool in the production of mono and polycrystalline solar cells, says Rofin

Actuators must withstand high humidity, salt, wind and rain

Wind power now accounts for 20 per cent of Denmark's electricity needs. Donna Guinivan visits AVN's plant, Silkeborg, Denmark, to get the full story on this and the future of wind power in general



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