Large space structure manufacturing a step closer

Solar sails or antenna reflectors could be manufactured in space, says Magna Parva

Generation begins at major wind farm projects

Eugene McCarthy reports on a number of major wind farms that are now producing electricity commercially, as other new projects are announced

Dealing with the energy bottleneck with minimal disruption

Mark Gledhill and Allan Russell outline the benefits of aluminium conductor technology which is less prone to corrosion and is an effective power conductor

Offshore wind test rig crucial for UK offshore industry

The Energy Technologies Institute invests £25m in offshore test facility at Narec, Blyth, Northumberland

Europe is leading the way in marine energy

Wave energy sources are not only available in plenty, but are also consistent, predictable and have the highest energy density among all renewable energy sources

Big potential for the UK in the marine energy

United Kingdom is a clear leader both in terms of activity and in terms of support to the sector, survey says

What do we do until renewables are in place?

International Electrotechnical Commission outlines energy saving options

Photovoltaics among fastest growing industries in the world

Since 1990, photovoltaic module production has increased more than 500-fold from 46MW to 23.5GW in 2010

Biofuels make a comeback despite tough economy

High oil prices are all factors behind the surge in production, Worldwatch Institute

How long will Germany remain world’s largest PV market?

Italy may become number one market in 2011, says Solarplaza

Large scale energy storage technologies to capitalise on renewables

Massive opportunities for market growth with revenues that will almost double by 2017 hitting $2 billion

The future of onshore and offshore wind power

Growth in the wind energy sector is attributable to a huge range of factors, including financial confidence, technological advancements, legislative support from local governments and increased public support and awareness, says David Blake

Optimising plating and paint adhesion on marine wind turbines

Vibratory finishing to ‘edge-breaks’ the sharp corners to improve plating and coating adhesion

Scientists lay out plans for efficient solar energy harvesting

Solar power could be harvested and transported over long distances using tiny molecular circuits, according to research

Catch the next wave

Hydrodynamic simulation helps to deliver two- to three-times wave power efficiency improvement. Bradford S Lamb and Ken Rhinefrank report

Floating wind farms

The technology used in offshore oil and gas extraction is now making wind power installation in deeper waters possible

On-line monitoring of wind turbines

Remote monitoring systems deployed across three wind farms operated by Guohua Energy Investment Company in China

Hydrogen fuel cells

Studying dynamic behaviour of alkaline fuel cells being planned for the European Space Agency's Hermes spacecraft



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