Renewable energy companies get chance to test products in real sea environments

Call for applications to trial new technology due soon

France’s first tidal energy plant gets smarter

New data intelligence platform gathers information from over 100 sensors

Standalone battery storage project now complete

Liverpool-based project to be used to back up wind farm

Solar installation success in Michigan

Collaboration offers hints of future business models

New composite enhances solar towers

Joint Russian/Egyptian project extends operating life

Geothermal power plant starts operation

Croatian plant to produce 17.5 MW in Velika Ciglena

Subsea live 3D project gains more funds

AI to be applied to survey technology after successful trial

Collaboration to predict turbine maintenance issues 

Gearboxes equipped with a cloud connection go into operation

Wind power needs leading edge protection coating to help keep up with demand

Wind power is here to stay, therefore leading-edge protection is more important than ever

Wind farm noise reduced by air bubble curtain

Novel air bubble curtain to save time and reduce noise when building wind farms

Minesto subsea kite helps convert kinetic energy to electricity

Louise Smyth meets the CEO of an innovative tech firm that’s bringing a novel marine energy solution to market

Has the sun set on second-gen solar?

The latest IPCC report could be a catalyst for next generation solar uptake

China is on course with renewables

The green energy plan is to be fully implemented by 2020

Battery benefits and the future of energy storage

Some thoughts on the growing need to store excess energy

Low-cost Lidar technology acquisition announced

This kit is designed primarily for remote sensing in the wind farm market



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