Variable speed drives reduce maintenance and boost efficiency

Variable speed drives (VSDs) have dramatic impacts on plant maintenance - and on plant efficiencies. Sean Ottewell reports

The energy complaints carol

Crying out for energy companies to hear his message, the UK's Energy Ombudsman has joined a choir of ombuds-angels to sing for change

Fuel skid

Young and Franklin has assembled a fuel skid comprised of four YF 3010E500 Series Electromechanically Actuated Gas Control Valve Assemblies

Positive displacement blowers/exhausters

Blowers/exhausters which have been designed and manufactured to handle variable pressures with constant volumes, at pressures from 69 to 1379mbar

Enhanced data communication

A Modbus loop initiative advances AUMA’s modular actuation solution

Wear Protection: New wear and corrosion preventative solutions increase power plant life

Many new innovative products have been developed that help maintenance departments extend the life of critical power plant components. Dr Gary R Heath reports

VIDEO: Improving power station longevity

Wear protection: ceramic, metallic and polymer linings on hoppers, transfer chutes, bunkers, feeders and trifurcator sections



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