Independent inspection key to oil and gas pipeline installations

The impact of the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill will result in oil and gas pipeline installations coming under far greater scrutiny from industry regulators over the coming months and years. Dr Richard Gooch discusses how to meet these more stringent engineering, inspection and safety requirements

New concept for explosion protection of generator sets

Flamepack is a self-contained, open frame module that sits on top of the generator set container and connects to the diesel engine

Oil spill detection system

The Miros OSD System utilises a standard marine X-band radar and advanced image processing algorithms for the detection of oil spill

Building competence through a well-defined industry collaboration

IMOSTI Inc trains and educates the workforce in offshore oil and gas industry

Safeguarding company employees and contractors

Placing staff and contractors in high risk locations needs to be based on high quality and timely information and backed up by detailed emergency planning. The two allow for proactive solutions that can be implemented smoothly in the face of rapidly changing circumstances. Nick Stocker reports

Reducing the risk

Start-up, shutdown and transition actions are often the most dangerous periods of operation in the process industries. Ian Curtis argues that companies could consider reducing the potential for human error by employing automated control through safety permissive sequencing at such times of high risk

Light and fog warning systems for Saleh platforms

Platforms are marked by four Tideland Syncrolan LED light stations, fog signal, fog detector

Well capping device to bolster UK oil spill response capability

Cap uses a choke and a series of valves which close down and stop the flow of hydrocarbons

Explosion proof LED light

Suitable for applications such as petrochemical processing, offshore marine operations, paint spray booths

Safety and emergency protocol for Gulf of Mexico

FES International announces partnership with Helix Energy to offer official safety protocol for the Gulf of Mexico

Enhanced electrical safety at port

Watertight and dust-tight with IP66/67 sealing as standard



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