Hazardous-area safety light curtains

Protection for high risk flammable gas, vapour and dusty industrial environments

Intrinsically safe tablets and smartphones take mobility into hazardous areas

For use in industries such as oil and gas, refining, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Continuous leak detection at vital installations

Monitoring is done from a safe distance without the need to send technicians into potentially dangerous areas

The path to hazardous area safety

Advice on strengthening the safety chain from industry expert SGS Baseefa

Acquisition strengthens portfolio of risk management expert

GexCon acquires Stormfjord to develop next generation of 3D risk management solutions

Raising the alarm in extreme conditions

R STAHL’s introduces corrosion-resistant Yodalex Super Series beacon, horn and combination units

Saudi Aramco validates emergency butterfly valve sealant

Sealant system mitigates risk of leakage following damage to a butterfly valve’s primary seal caused by abrasive particles

Hazard area approval for heaters

Electric industrial heaters for use in explosion hazard areas

Deepening the search for oil and gas

Rebecca Johnson presents a case study on signalling devices as essential components of the safety system on an FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico

Personal protective equipment

Karim Dirani discusses a vital tool for the safety of oil and gas workers

Cutting the use of hydrofluorocarbons

Paul Boughton talks to 3M’s Bart Goeman about a next generation fire protection fluid

Fire suppression – getting the right system

Bart Goeman looks at the potential impact of new European legislation on the oil and gas industry

Continuous benzene specific monitor launched

Ion Science announces continuous benzene specific monitor for petrochemical applications

Iceberg warning for rigs

Autonomous Ocean Systems Laboratory modelling the behaviour of icebergs that will increase the accuracy of predicting the rate and direction of their drift

Safe detection of toxic gases

Introducing the FLIR GF346 optical gas imaging (OGI) camera

Partnership in safety and risk

Offers customers data management and visualisation solutions for industrial and commercial asset/risk reporting



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