Camera scans large areas remotely

FLIR camera helps oil and gas producer reduce emissions and saves money

Two-axis tilt angle sensors with enhanced shock compensation

Suited for measuring tilt angles on, for example, ship platforms, working platforms or oil rigs

X-ray fluorescence measurement goes mobile

Typical fields of application include measurements on large coated parts, like machine components and housings; mobile measurements in electroplating shops; mobile measurements of precious metals and solution analysis

A targeted approach

Milijan Mudrinic reveals the best practice with regard to offshore oil platform targets

Rugged ATEX-certified Windows tablet

For explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments such as oil, gas and petrochemical production, mining, paint and food manufacturing

Cutting the costs of safety with wireless leak detection

Powerful, robust wireless leak detection solutions are bringing new levels of safety and functionality to the oil and gas industries. Sean Ottewell reports

Application flexibility with guided wave radar

New product family of Sitrans LG radar level transmitter uses guided waves; also suitable for use in hygienic applications and in harsh environments

High-profile accidents refocus inspection and maintenance regimes

A number of high profile explosions in recent times have put renewed emphasis on the inspection and maintenance technologies and regimes used by the oil and gas industry. Eugene McCarthy investigates

Adaptive process control delivers greater profit

While there have been significant benefits over the past 10 years with sustained value tools, they have not been able to solve the whole problem in an integrated, systematic way, says Rob Howard

Flowmeters reduce maintenance and capital costs

Adjusts to variations in fluid properties and make dynamic density measurements not possible with other mass flowmeters

Integrated control and safety solutions aid optimum reservoir recovery

Demand for modern, integrated control systems is being fuelled by investments as diverse as floating production, storage and offloading vessels and petrochemical complexes

Intelligent IR Windows technology boosts safety

Thermographers urged to log onto free CorDEX Instruments' IR Window webinars

Critical flow measurement technologies

Flow measurement is a critical part of oil and gas operations, from quality control to fiscal metering. Here Eugene McCarthy looks at the latest metering technologies on offer

Flowmeters cut oil platform costs

Meters form part of a chemical injection metering skid system to be installed in drilling and production platform located offshore Angola

Hydrostatic level sensor for saltwater applications

Waterpilot FMX167 rope probe is specially designed for use in saltwater and is suitable for applications on ships such as ballast water tanks

Phastite connectors approved to ISO 19879

ISO 19879 approval for Parker's Phastite high-pressure connectors will create new opportunities in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and marine industries



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