The benefits of plastic bearings

Rob Dumayne reviews the latest developments in plastic bearings, and how industrial manufacturers can use them to produce cost savings while increasing their environmental credentials

Belt drive optimisation and energy saving

David Clark reveals how to ensure belt drives are efficient and economical

Wheelset bearings essential to train running

NSK extends the service life of its wheelset bearings for new Intercity Express Programme trains

Material success for timing belts

The driving force for innovations in timing belts has been the automotive industry, with the increasing demands on service life, noise characteristics, temperature resistance and reliability. David Clark reports

Best practice in bearing lubrication

Malcolm Watson and Tony Synnott discuss the grease versus oil debate for bearings, and how to achieve best practice in lubricant replenishment and replacement

What makes a superior split roller bearing?

Split roller bearings have been on the market for many years and during that time their external appearances haven't changed a great deal, but, that isn't to say that all designs are equal. Adrian Menzies reports

Special bearing designs provide benefits in harsh, demanding applications

In arduous, safety-critical applications such as aerospace systems, standalone and integrated special bearing designs can significantly improve system cost, performance and operating life, says Gary Hughes

New high-precision couplings for servomotor drives

Coupling is specifically designed for use with servomotor drives such as those on machine tool feed shafts, says Tsubakimoto Chain

26 tonnes of counterfeit rolling bearings destroyed

Fake bearings were seized in raids on bearing distributors across Europe, including Italy, Germany and the UK

Hydraulic oil is critical components in world’s biggest press machine

Featuring 30 high pressure cylinders and 60 piston pumps, the press has an initial fill of 400kl and can reach an oil pressure of up to 650 bars

Self-lubricating plastic slewing ring bearings

The PRT slewing ring from plastic bearings specialist igus UK uses two self-lubricating, low friction plastic sliding pads in place of the ball bearings

Quick and easy to install alternative to steel bearings

Steel linkages usually consist of many separate components and are extremely time consuming to assemble. However, the igus plastic double joint bearing is manufactured as just one part and can be assembled in virtually no time at all

Fluid power adds muscle to robotics and mobile equipment

Machine builders, material fabricators, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment manufacturers and robotics users all have to grapple with the issue of controlling the brute force of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and actuators. Boris Sedacca reports

Roller chain drives offer long life in harsh environments

Roller chains have evolved a long way since Leonardo da Vinci sketched his ideas in the 16th century and Hans Renold invented bush roller chain in 1880. Jon Severn takes a look at some of the latest developments in power transmission and conveyor chains, as well as chain attachments and chain-monitoring sensors.

Better belts for driving and timing

Power transmission systems often use belt drives of the V, multiple-V or synchronous type, and the technology is generally thought of as mature. Paul Stevens examines the incremental improvements being introduced



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