Occupational safety in chemical industry companies 'improves significantly'

The progress of environmental, health and safety work is monitored and reported annually as part of the chemical industry's international Responsible Care programme

The role of human factors in accident prevention

Human factors have always been central to accident prevention in the process industries. Now a report identifies the barriers that exist to understanding them

Nanoparticle initiative to tackle safety fears

Sean Ottewell reports on how the concerns over the safety of nanoparticles has prompted a major research project into their potential hazards. At the same time theyy continue to offer exciting new opportunities for chemical companies

Container solution for hazardous goods

Insurance providers not cover hazardous shipments not transported in recognised container solutions

Personal protection equipment for plant safety

When it comes to plant safety, personal protective equipment is an essential feature. Crucial among such equipment, reports Sean Ottewell, is the reusable respirator

Zero fugitive emissions

Global air quality standards, protecting public health and environmental concerns are increasingly hot topics not only for the politicians, but for your business success. Roger Bours reports

Reverse acting rupture disc

HPX rupture disc from Continental Disc Corporation is a high precision reverse acting rupture disc offering proven performance

Next steps for REACH Compliance

With the REACH registration of high volume and hazardous chemicals now complete, many companies will now be turning their attention to the next phase of compliance which involves the production and delivery of Safety Data Sheets. Malcolm Carroll reports

The scope for microreactors

Consolidation and process intensification in the past few years seems to be the buzzword for the global chemical industry



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