Thermal imaging camera detects faults before they lead to real problems

FLIR P-Series camera used in a variety of applications that extend from checking the integrity of insulation and level measurement to electrical inspection and process optimisation

Linear LED light fittings are robust with a high degree of protection

Suitable for use in harsh and hazardous gas environments, including offshore oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemicals, where potentially explosive gases are present

Explosion-proof image processing flame detector

Flame 3000 is designed to keep workers protected in the most hazardous environments

Manufacturers warn of rising cyber security attacks

Siemens Industry surveyed 66 leading decision makers from across the oil, gas, renewable energy, chemical, pharmaceutical and the food/beverage sectors

Analyser flow switch/monitor achieves SIL-2 compliance

Optimised for continuous flow verification in process analyser sampling systems

Violations of European chemicals regulation REACH will be subject to more severe penalties

In a worst case scenario, violations may be punished by up to two years in prison or a fine of up to EUR50,000

Hinge has built-in multiple safety switch

In the event of accidental opening of a control cabinet door, machine panel or safety door, it automatically shuts off the power and protects the operators of machinery

Maintenance and costs focus for seal technology

Modern seals have to give long-term, assured sealing at high temperatures and pressures, and be able to work with a wide range of fluids. Eugene McCarthy reports

Dust management strategy key to staff and plant safety

Dust explosions cause some of the most dangerous incidents in the process industries today, so dust management is a key consideration. Sean Ottewell reports

No longer must anybody in the EU risk death from exposure to DCM paint strippers

Alternative paint removers available for coatings that could previously be removed with dichloromethane-based paint strippers

Nitrogen oxides in nitric acid plants

The measurement of nitrogen oxides is a critical and challenging task. Matthias F Kutter reports

Redundant position sensor suits safety work

The MTS Temposonics MT redundant position sensor features dual sensing elements, power supplies, evaluation circuitry and output signals

High security doors for the utilities sector

Ultrasecure LS/DV are designed to strengthen utilities infrastructure against vandal and terrorist attack, says Technocover

Static electricity reminder as the Seveso accident rears head again

The US Chemical Safety Board's latest accident investigation report is a reminder of the importance of tackling static electricity issues around the plant. In Italy, research finds ongoing thyroid problems, 30 years after the Seveso disaster

Safety light curtains consist of rugged sender and receiver unit

Contrinex is launching a new range of safety light curtains that are claimed to set new standards in terms of reliability and value for money

Tackling endocrine disrupting chemicals

Chemically-disrupted water streams are causing an increase of 'intersex' fish. Peristaltic technology is addressing water pollution problems



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