Minimising cybersecurity risk for the chemical sector

Sean McDonagh outlines the importance of safeguarding chemical manufacturing control systems from unwanted attacks and adopting a multi-layered strategic approach to minimise risk

Intrinsically safe tablets and smartphones take mobility into hazardous areas

For use in industries such as oil and gas, refining, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

The path to hazardous area safety

Advice on strengthening the safety chain from industry expert SGS Baseefa

Raising the alarm in extreme conditions

R STAHL’s introduces corrosion-resistant Yodalex Super Series beacon, horn and combination units

Fire suppression in corrosive environments

Tyco DDS system suited to circular, rectangular or irregular ductwork in applications including steel manufacturing, coal power generation, chemical industry and acid processing plant

CO2 leak detection camera

Lets plants prevent unplanned outages by allowing them to inspect equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations

EU chemical industry looks to optical gas imaging

Optical Gas Imaging is identified as a best available technique for measurement of diffuse emissions of VOCs

New communication system for the chemical and petrochemical sectors

X-zone Com gas detection device offers advanced mobile communications for the future

Cyber attacks: the danger from within

Study warns of the increasing risk of internal cyber attacks

New respiratory protection solution

Scott Safety launches the new Proflow 3EX with AX gas filtration

Revitalised eye protection range hits the market

Scott Safety launches new range of eye protection

Exploring the role of hazard studies and how they can be broadened

Maintenance: efficient and safe! Expert advice on HAZOP studies and how to enhance their usefulness in the modern world

Explosion-protected LED safety torches and chargers

TX/CX40 and TX/CX20 torch and charger are monitored continuously for any faults via automatic function testing

Chemicals giant improves gas leak safety imaging technology

BP Chemicals is using FLIR Systems' Optical Gas Imaging cameras for the visualisation and documentation of gas leaks

Emergency showers and eyebaths: are they fit for purpose?

While we are still enjoying milder conditions, now is a very good time to conduct an annual service, inspection and compliance assessment for every on-site safety shower, eyewash station and also just as importantly the supply pipe. Janet Dickinson reports

Reducing 'nuisance' alarms in process industries

New DynAMo alarm suite helps industrial plant operators identify and address most important automation alarms

Dynamic sealing solutions prevent fugitive emissions

Control and management of fugitive emissions is becoming even more important for safety compliance, spawning a host of novel sealing solutions. Eugene McCarthy reports

REACH: be pro-active

The second registration deadline of REACH has expired. It's time to look to the future, says Dr Dieter Reiml



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