Safety in the Plant

Protecting removable storage devices

For businesses that use removable storage devices, the threat of cyber-attacks on industrial control systems can be greatly reduced by ‘sheep dipping’ your external storage devices before they even enter the building or production plant, says Tim Ricketts

Cybersecurity: learn the lessons

In order to better protect industrial control systems from cyber attacks, companies should take heed from the wise words of successful military tacticians

The cyber security layer cake

As industrial software becomes more intelligent, cyber attacks are becoming more complex. Martyn Williams discusses the latest developments in industrial cyber security


Dust explosions

Do you understand your responsibilities under the DSEAR/ATEX regulations?

Remote detection and localisation of gas leaks

RoboGasInspector provides a safer, more efficient and more reliable detection solution for gas leaks in industrial facilities

Zone 0 and 20 LED safety torches

Delivers a piercing white spot beam combined with a wide-angle flood of fringe light

More focus on heat transfer safety needed

Thermal fluid specialist responds to tougher health and safety fines

Fire-protection panels feature new epoxy resin coating

High protective effect against external environmental influences; new coating complies with REACH chemicals regulation

Reducing CO2 emissions in the chemicals industry

Will the proposed EU emissions trading scheme changes be a burden or a blessing? By Joep van Steen

DuPont turns up the heat at A+A 2015

Live burn tests on the DuPont Thermo-Man and innovative garments providing protection against chemicals, heat and flames

Non-contact chemical leak inspection

FLIR Optical Gas Imaging cameras are preventative maintenance solutions designed to spot leaks in compressors, piping, flanges and connections in chemical plants

‘Intelligent’ fixed-point gas detector

Minimises the time operators must spend in hazardous areas where they may be exposed to gas hazards

Fluoropolymer up-cycling plant equipped with emergency shutdown system

Dyneon relies on HIMatrix safety controller in pilot project for sustainable recovery of raw material

Protection for flanges

Encapsulating membrane provides a complete corrosion protection for flanges. Alice Jucquois reports

Ceiling lamps in metal housings

ECOLUX ceiling light fittings offer explosion protection and corrosion resistance as required

Minimising cybersecurity risk for the chemical sector

Sean McDonagh outlines the importance of safeguarding chemical manufacturing control systems from unwanted attacks and adopting a multi-layered strategic approach to minimise risk



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